Jeff Bridges net worth

Jeff Bridges net worth

Net Worth: $28 Million

About Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges net worth

Jeffrey Leon Bridges, or simply Jeff Bridges, is an American producer and actor. He gained prominence as a child in the late 1650s, appearing on adventure television series Sea Hunt. Among Jeff’s most prominent movies are Fearless, The Last Picture Show, Iron Man, Starman, The Contender, The Fabulous Baker Boys, The Fisher King, Jagged Egg, Against All Adds, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, The Big Lebowski, Seabisquit, Tron and Arlington Road. During his professional career, which now spans over five decades, Bridges has received a widespread critical acclaim. For example, he was nominated for the prestigious Academy Award six times. As for 2013, Jeff Bridges net worth is estimated at $28 million.
Jeff was born in California, in a family of two prominent actors, Dorothy and Lloyd Bridges. His father made his television debut in the mid 1930s, appearing on Freshman Love and went on to film for tens of movies and television series, including They Dare Not Love, Blondie Goes to College, The Sound of Fury and The Rainmaker. Jeff’s mother, also an actress and poet, was best known from such movies as The Thanksgiving Promise and See You in the Morning.

Jeff is the second son born to Dorothy and Lloyd and had three siblings: Beau, Garrett and Lucinda. Beau, his older brother, is also an accomplished actor, the holder of 14 Emmy nominations. He gained critical acclaim appearing in such motion pictures as Without Warning: The James Brandy Story, The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom and The Second Civil War. Despite his professional achievements, Beau’s fortune seems modest in comparison to Jeff Bridges net worth: he owns $14 million approximately.
When the future millionaire appeared on the TV for the first time, he was only 4 month old. A bit later Jeffrey and Beau started filming for his father’s TV series Sea Hunt along with their mother. Jeff Bridges net worth started to grow in the early 1970s, as he landed a major role in the movie The Last Picture. His performance in this Peter Bogdanovich’s drama garnered Bridge’s his first Oscar nomination for the Best Supporting Actor. It is a little known fact that Jeff is also a gifted singer and recording artist. His second and so far the latest album, self-titled Jeff Bridges, reached the stores just a couple of years ago. Although the critical evaluations mostly varied from mediocre to negative, the CD enjoyed a moderate commercial success and contributed to Jeff Bridges net worth growth. Mostly due to the success of the album’s one and only single “What a Little Bit of Love Can Do” and the general popularity of Bridges as an actor, the record peaked at No. 25 on Billboard 200 and climbed to No. 5 on Top Rock Albums Chart.

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jeff bridges net worth jeff bridges net worth

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