Jeff Kent net worth

Jeff Kent net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Jeff Kent

Jeff Kent net worth

Jeff Kent is a popular retired baseball player. Playing this sport has served as one of the most important sources of increasing the total estimate of Jeff Kent net worth, which has been reported to reach 50 million dollars, as of right now. He was playing in Major League Baseball as a second baseman. In 2000, as a member of the San Francisco Giants, Jeff Kent became a winner of the National League Most Valuable Player title. Jeff Kent became the all-time leader in home runs. He was titled as All-Star five times.
The baseball player was born in 1968 in Bellflower, California. He was studying at Edison High School in Huntington Beach, California. Then, he played baseball for UC Berkeley. In 1989, Jeff Kent appeared in the baseball amateur draft, where he was chosen to play with the Toronto Blue Jays. He spent his four first seasons with some minor teams. In 1992, Jeff Kent appeared in the spring training with the team.
He debuted as an official player with the Toronto Blue Jays in a game against the Baltimore Orioles. Jeff Kent hit his first home run in a game against the New York Yankees.

In 1992, he was traded to the New York Mets and this team has also added up to the overall amount of Jeff Kent net worth. However, it was also this time when the New York Mets was considered as one of the worst teams in the league.
Then, Jeff Kent joined the Cleveland Indians. In the next season, he was traded to the San Francisco Giants. He began to play with this team in 1997. For his leadership in the game as well as his spirit, Jeff Kent was awarded the 1998 Willie Mac Award. In 2000, he became a recipient of the National League’s Most Valuable Player award. Then, Jeff Kent signed a contract with the Houston Astros team. This deal was claimed to last for two years and was worth 19.9 million dollars. The team, therefore, has also increased the current size of Jeff Kent net worth.
In 2004, Jeff Kent switched teams once again when he signed a contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the contract being worth 21 million dollars, which was stated to expire after three years. In the season of 2005, Jeff Kent established his name as one of the best players with the team. Unfortunately, he had to miss the first part of the season of 2006 because of an oblique injury. In 2009, Jeff Kent retired from his professional baseball career although it has served as an important source of increasing the total amount of Jeff Kent net worth.
Jeff Kent is married to Dana, with who he has four kids – one girl and three boys. The family is living in Austin, Texas. Moreover, Jeff Kent is an owner of a cattle ranch located near Tilden, Texas. In 2008, he bought the Lakecliff Country Club in Spicewood, Texas. In addition, he is the owner of Kent Powersports.

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