Jeff Lewis net worth

Jeff Lewis net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis net worth

It has been claimed that Jeff Lewis net worth has an estimate of 8 million dollars. Jeff Lewis has accumulated his net worth through being a successful TV star, real estate agent as well as interior designer. Jeff Lewis is mostly remembered from the TV show called “Flipping Out”, which debuted on the Bravo channel in 2007. The show is one of the most important sources of Jeff Lewis net worth.

Before he got involved into entertainment industry as well as becoming a real estate agent and interior designer, Jeff Lewis was studying law and political sciences. First, he was studying at the USC and later he entered to the Chapman University. In 1993, he graduated and immediately got involved into real estate business. In the beginning of his career, Jeff Lewis used to sell properties, then renovating them and then selling them to new owners to get a profit. This technique proved to be very successful and it added first huge sums of money to Jeff Lewis net worth.
His business began to rise quite quickly. Thus, seeing so much success, he decided to create his own firm called “Jeff Lewis Design”.

The company started to add a lot to the total amount of Jeff Lewis net worth. The company is known for producing furnishings, which can be bought from QVC.

In 2007, he started to get a lot of media attention as well as attention from the public, when he started to appear in a show called “Flipping Out”. The show is about his business and his daily activities in it. In addition, besides his work in the company, Jeff Lewis’ ordinary life is portrayed as well, which displays his personal features as well as issues in his normal life. In 2012, its sixth season began airing and it received a lot of viewership.

Jeff Lewis has sold most of the coveted houses in the area of Los Angeles and is regarded as one of the most successful real estate agents in the industry. Also, he is known to be renovating houses from his buyers’ wishes. For more than 20 years, he has been renovating houses and proved to be really successful in doing it. Currently, he is known to be renovating and selling properties across the Unites States and is liked a lot due to his charming and loveable personality. In 2013, Jeff Lewis even started his own paint line, called “Jeff Lewis Color”.

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