Jennifer Garner net worth

Jennifer Garner net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner net worth

It has been claimed that the estimate of Jennifer Garner net worth currently reaches 40 million dollars. She is mostly known as an actress, but she is also credited because of her work in producing. As an actress, she has been mostly credited for her work in the TV show called “Alias”. “Alias” has increased Jennifer Garner net worth, as well.

In addition to her work in this TV show, she has also been active in various films as a main character as well as a supporting role. Movies, in which she has appeared, have included the ones, such as “13 Going on 30”, “Pearl Harbor” and “Juno”.
In addition to her professional career in cinema industry, Jennifer Garner is also known for her personal relationships. A famous actor Ben Affleck is known as a husband of her.

Jennifer Garner was born in Texas in 1972. She first started to gain attention when she appeared on the already mentioned TV show “Alias”. In that show, she portrayed a role of Sydney Bristow, who was a CIA officer. Because of her appearance in that show, Jennifer Garner became a recipient of a Golden Globe award as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award.

The show also added a lot of revenues to the total amount of Jennifer Garner net worth.

She began her career as an actress in the 1990s in New York. Later, she moved to Los Angeles, where she got more opportunities to excel as an actress and where she got some minor roles in various TV productions.

Her role in “Felicity” in 1998 was the one because of which she started to win auditions to various films. But the show “Alias” as the one, because of which she established herself as a Hollywood actress. At the same time when she was appearing on “Alias”, she was also appearing in various films, such as “Pearl Harbor” in 2001 and “Catch Me If You Can” one year later.

In 2003, Jennifer Garner appeared in a film “Daredevil” and one year later she got a role in a comedy called “13 Going On 30”. These appearances also have increased the total amount of Jennifer Garner net worth, which she has today. In 2005, she appeared in another film called “Elektra” and two years later she got a role in a movie “Juno”. Besides her career in cinema, Jennifer Garner is a mother of three children, whom she has with her husband Ben Affleck.

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