Jennifer Grey plastic surgery

Jennifer Grey plastic surgery

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Jennifer Grey plastic surgery

Sometimes it is not really a question if a person has had a plastic surgery or not, because it is just too obvious. People started talking about Jennifer Grey plastic surgery just after she has had it done. It has made a big change in actress’s appearance. Jennifer Grey is mostly remembered for her role in movie “Dirty Dancing”. In 2010 she has won a first place in TV project “Dancing with the Stars”.

It is clear that there has really been at least one Jennifer Grey plastic surgery and it was a rhinoplasty procedure. Since the change in her appearance was so obvious, actress didn’t even try to deny having plastic surgery. Actress has admitted that she regrets choosing to get that plastic surgery. Looking at the “before” and “after” photos, we can see that Jennifer Grey looks like a totally different person. She has explained that it was very strange that she came to the surgery as a famous person and walked out of the hospital as a person that nobody recognized.

Jennifer Grey wasn’t happy with this situation. According to her, she feels like all her accomplishments in acting career were for nothing as nobody recognizes her anyway.

She has even considered changing her name so that she could have a fresh start in acting career. Even though she wasn’t happy with the results of that surgery, it wasn’t a plastic surgery that went wrong. She was beautiful before the plastic surgery and she is beautiful now – she just looks like a totally different person. Some people have suggested that she should get another plastic surgery to make her face look the same as it did before. This might not be a good idea for a few reasons. Firstly, rhinoplasty procedures are very difficult to fix. It would be nearly impossible to make her nose look the way it did before and there is always the risk that something might go wrong.

All in all, Jennifer Grey plastic surgery wasn’t a plastic surgery that went wrong – actress is still a beautiful and attractive woman. However, actress wasn’t happy with the results and for this reason she probably won’t be getting any more plastic surgery. Either way, this story is a great example which shows that people should really think before choosing to get plastic surgery, because the results might turn out different than expected.

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