Jennifer Hudson net worth

Jennifer Hudson net worth

Net Worth: $18 Million

About Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson net worth

Jennifer Hudson is an American singer and actress. Jennifer rose to fame in 2004, when she made it to the final of the popular reality show-singing competition American Idol. The starlet made her movie debut in Dreamgirls. The role in this movie brought Hudson numerous awards, including Academy Award for the Best Actress, BAFTA award and Golden Globe. After her success in the movies Jenifer’s debut album was released. Eventually it received a Gold certification from RIAA. Jennifer Hudson net worth is currently estimated at $18 million.

Jennifer was born in 1981, in a family of Darnell Donnerson and Samuel Simpson. She is a youngest child in the family and has two siblings. Jennifer loved music since her early childhood; she started to sing earlier than she started to talk properly. In one of her recent interviews Jennifer revealed that in her childhood and teenage years she used to adore Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Patti LaBelle most of all female artists. Those singers had a huge influence on her style of music. When she grew up a little her parents took her to the church choir and community theatre.

Thanks to them she developed acting and singing skills which later brought her international fame and boosted Jennifer Hudson net worth to millions of dollars.

Hudson landed her first recording contract in 2002, when David Johnson signed her to Righteous Records. For two years David worked with Jennifer five days per week, developing her ability to sing and give interviews, working on her stage presence and live performance. Johnson released her from the contract so she could participate in the American Idol. To this day Jennifer feels grateful for him for teaching her so many things and preparing her for a successful career in show business which eventually brought Jennifer Hudson net worth of $18 million.

She entered the show American Idol in 2004. At one moment it looked like Jennifer will go straight till the end and win the competition. In April, after performing “Circle of Life” by Elton John, Hudson received more support from the audience than any other contestant. Sadly, fortune is not a stable companion. Two weeks later the audience outvoted Jennifer from the show after she sang “Weekend in New England” by Barry Manilow. However, dropping out of the show did not stop Jennifer from making an impressive career in show business. Not only she achieved a worldwide recognition as an actress, in 2008 her debut album entitled Jennifer Hudson was released. It became both critical and financial success, sold over one million copies worldwide and added a solid sum to the current Jennifer Hudson net worth.

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