Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery

Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery

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Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery

Rumors about possible Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery have been following her throughout her whole career. There’s nothing strange if we have in mind how successful and popular she has become – she has become famous not only as a singer, but also as a producer, dancer, fashion designer and a judge in popular TV project “American Idol”.

Now that she is in her 40s, rumors about possible Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery have intensified even more. People are wondering how does she manage to look so youthful and perfect over the years. Plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Katz has been asked to state his opinion on this subject. According to him, Jennifer Lopez might have gotten some Botox injections but there aren’t any visible signs of bigger plastic surgery neither on her face nor on her body. Looking at some of the more recent photos of Jennifer Lopez, we can see that her face looks smooth and there are almost no wrinkles around her eyes – this is what causes most suspicion about possible Botox injections.

However, Jennifer Lopez has denied having plastic surgery. In her opinion, she doesn’t see anything wrong when other people get plastic surgery, but she hasn’t done it.

During one interview, she has explained that she hasn’t yet had any plastic surgery but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she will not decide to get something done in the future. One way or another, she is a stunningly beautiful woman and she has many fans all over the world who would agree with this statement.

It is possible that her looks are indeed natures-given and it is her good genes, exercising and taking care of her body which help her maintain youthful appearance as years go by. Most of her fans are happy about actress’s choice to stay natural – there are enough bad plastic surgery stories to understand that there’s always a risk that plastic surgery might go wrong.

All things considered we can come to the conclusion that there probably hasn’t been any Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery. At least not yet – actress hasn’t denied the possibility that she might get some kind of plastic surgery in the future. Either way, most of the people would agree that Jennifer Lopez is a stunningly beautiful woman and she doesn’t need plastic surgery to look that way. In case like this, going under the knife would be even bigger risk, because she naturally looks perfect.

Did Jennifer Lopez Undergone Plastic Surgery

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