Jennifer Westfeldt plastic surgery

Jennifer Westfeldt plastic surgery

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Jennifer Westfeldt plastic surgery

Most of the times people start creating rumors about plastic surgery when they notice some changes in person’s appearance which doesn’t seem very natural. Rumors about possible Jennifer Westfeldt plastic surgery have been following her for a few years. For those who don’t know, she is a successful TV and Broadway actress, who can be remembered for her role in TV series “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place” and for her numerous appearances in Broadway musicals.

Most of the rumors about Jennifer Westfeldt plastic surgery started a few years ago. People have noticed that actress’s cheeks have become noticeably fuller. The were some speculations that she might have had facial filler injections or even cheek implants. None of these rumors have been confirmed, but if we look at the photo comparisons we can see that changes on her face are quite obvious. There have also been some rumors about face lift and Botox injections. Having in mind that Jennifer is already in her 40s, her face looks very smooth and youthful. However, her face doesn’t look “plastic” or frozen and for now it is hard to tell if she did have Botox injections or not.

Actress herself hasn’t confirmed nor denied any of the Jennifer Westfeldt plastic surgery rumors. For now, the only evidence is photo comparisons and we cannot know for sure if she has really chose to go under the knife. Everyone knows that nowadays photos aren’t the most reliable source of information – they can be altered with various programs. Also, even such little things as lighting and view angle in the photo can make a huge difference in how person’s face looks. It is possible that Jennifer’s cheeks have become fuller because she has gained some weight. Maybe it is her good genes which help her look youthful and there really haven’t been a plastic surgery?

All in all, we cannot answer a question if at least some of the rumors about Jennifer Westfeldt plastic surgery are true or not. For now, everyone will have to decide for themselves as the only possible proof is photo comparisons. It is possible that she has had a face lift, Botox injections and cheek fillers, but there has been no confirmation – they are only rumors. Either way, we can all agree that she is a stunningly beautiful actress and even if she did have a little plastic surgery, it only made her look even more beautiful and hasn’t drastically changed her looks.

Did Jennifer Westfeldt Undergone Plastic Surgery

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