Jep Robertson net worth

Jep Robertson net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Jep Robertson

Jep Robertson net worth

Jep Robertson is known as one of the people from “Duck Dynasty”. It has been stated that Jep Robertson net worth reaches 8 million dollars and “Duck Dynasty” has added a lot to that. Also, he has accumulated his net worth through his many appearances on TV. One of such appearances is in the previously mentioned TV show, “Duck Dynasty”.

Jep Robertson is a son of Kay and Phil Robertson, who are the owners of the “Duck Commander” company, where Jep Robertson is also working and which also add a lot of revenues to Jep Robertson net worth. Talking more about the show “Duck Dynasty”, in the show the Robertson family is portrayed in their daily lives as well as their work in the “Duck Commander” company. The company is established in Louisiana, where the family is also living. The company is known as a manufacturer of bird calls and also various different hunting merchandises.

In 1972, his father established the company and the first product made was a duck call, which was kind of revolutionary invention in the hunting industry. These duck calls became very popular. Currently, “Duck Commander” is known to be running by Jep Robertson’s brother, Willie Robertson.

The company currently is also internationally successful. 600 thousand duck calls are being sold every year, which increases the net worth of the whole family, including the total amount of Jep Robertson net worth. In addition to the income, which is coming from the actual sales of things from the company, the net worth is also increased through various merchandises, DVDs, apparel and many more.

Jep Robertson is the one who usually produces and edits expeditions of his family and these expeditions are being watched everywhere around the world, as well. Jep Robertson has been married to his wife Jessica, with whom he has four kids.

Before the “Duck Dynsaty” became a full TV reality show aired on the A&E channel, it consisted of only two shows about the company, the one was called “Duck Commander” and another one – “Buck Commander”. Nevertheless, these shows also added some extra revenues to Jep Robertson net worth. Currently, it has been known that each episode of the show is watched by 8 to 10 million people and this is enough for the show to be one of the mostly watched ones on the TV. Therefore, in addition to a successful company, the family is also known from their own TV show.

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