Jeremy Clarkson net worth

Jeremy Clarkson net worth

Net Worth: $4.5 Million

About Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson net worth

Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson is a broadcaster, writer and journalist who specializes is motoring. He is commonly known as a presenter on popular BBC show Top Gear, together with his colleagues James May and Richard Hammond. Jeremy is also a regular columnist on The Sun and The Sunday Times. His humorous and sometimes sarcastic style of presenting and writing has not only earned him a nationwide recognition, but also resulted in criticism from various pressure groups, media and even politicians. Although Top Gear is presented by three men, Jeremy is widely considered to be the actual reason behind the show’s popularity. Jeremy Clarkson net worth is currently estimated at $4.5 million.

Clarkson was born in Doncaster, in a family of Shirley Gabrielle and Edward Grenville Clarkson. His mother was a teacher, while his father worked as a traveling salesman. Aside from these official jobs his parents ran a small private business, but their income was still was not high enough to afford sending their sons to private school. Everything changed when Shirley and Edward started selling stuffed toys.

This business finally allowed his parents to pay the fees and Jeremy was transferred to the prestigious Repton School. For his mother’s terror, Clarkson soon got kicked out. Years later, in one of his interviews Jeremy recalled he was expelled for drinking, smoking and “generally making a nuisance of himself”. As is convincingly proved by the current Jeremy Clarkson net worth, losing the chance to get higher education did not ruin his life.

After dropping out of school Jeremy started working on his parents business. Soon enough he got a small job as a journalist on the local newspaper and started writing for the Lincolnshire Life, Rochalde Observer and Wolverhampton Express and Star. Jeremy Clarkson net worth started to grow in mid 1980s, when he founded a Motoring Press Agency. Together with his friend and fellow journalist Jonathan Gill, Jeremy conducted road tests for local magazines and newspapers. Eventually this small agency developed into a popular publication entitled Performance Car and Clarkson was offered to write a regular column for the automotive magazine Top Gear.
Jeremy’s career took off in the early 2000s, when TV show Top Gear was launched in a new format.

What started as a low budget TV project, soon turned into the most popular program on BBC, rebroadcasted all over the world. The salary for presenting this show is responsible for the bigger part of Jeremy Clarkson net worth. Another important source of his fortune is his writings, books and columns. According to some media sources, in 2007 alone he earned nearly three million pounds. The same year Jeremy and his colleague James became the first man to reach the North Pole in a car and won the Special Recognition Award for his work on television.

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