Jeremy Piven net worth

Jeremy Piven net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven net worth

Jeremy Piven is known as an actor from the United States. In addition, he is working behind the scenes as well and is also a producer. These two sources add the biggest sums of money to the overall amount of Jeremy Piven net worth. Currently, it is known to be 15 million dollars. Jeremy Piven is known as a recipient of three Emmy awards, which he got for his appearance in the TV show called “Entourage”, which is broadcasted on the HBO channel. In these series, Jeremy Piven is portraying a role of Ari Gold.

In addition to that, he has had supporting roles in various films, such as “Black Hawk Down”, “Smokin’ Aces”, “Grosse Point Black”, “Old School” and some others. These appearances also added revenues to the overall sum of Jeremy Piven net worth.

Born in 1965, New York City, Jeremy Piven is still mostly known as a star from the TV series “Entourage”. For his appearance in it, Jeremy Piven has been awarded and evaluated. In addition to the previously mentioned three Emmy awards, he got some more, such as a Golden Globe Award and other nominations in the category of the best supporting actor.

Jeremy Piven was interested in acting when he was still a child. He got more experience in this craft when he was studying at the Drake University in Iowa, where he graduated and got a degree in theater. In 1980s, Jeremy Piven appeared in many films together with John Cusack. However, he got the role which started to gain him more fame and attention in 1999, when he became a regular cast member of the TV show called “The Larry Sanders Show” on the HBO channel. The show added first huge sums of money to the overall estimate of Jeremy Piven net worth, as well.

Since then, Jeremy Piven has had many roles on screen and also on stage, with many of them being supporting roles, which he has been getting for more than 20 years. Also, these roles are the ones, which have increased Jeremy Piven net worth the most. At that time, he was known as a popular actor, however, he started to be considered as a box-office success only after he appeared in the TV series “Entourage”. Thus, it is no doubt that this show has added more revenues to his net worth than any other show.

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jeremy piven net worth jeremy piven net worth jeremy piven net worth

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