Jermaine Jackson net worth

Jermaine Jackson net worth

Net Worth: $1 Million

About Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson net worth

Jermaine Jackson is known because of his popular Jackson family, which has been a huge part of the entertainment industry. It has been reported that Jermaine Jackson net worth reaches 1 million dollars. He has accumulated such net worth through his various performances as being a singer, compose, guitarist and a member of his family’s band called “Jackson 5”. In addition, he is also known as an occasional movie director, which also has added some extra revenues to Jermaine Jackson net worth. He was a producer of huge stars, such as Whitney Houston and Bobby Debarge’s group called “Switch”.

Born in 1954 in Indiana, Jermaine Jackson was born as a fourth child to Katherine and Joseph Jackson. In 1989, after his travelling to Bahrain, Jermaine Jackson converted to Islam. Before he was Jehovah’s Witness because this was the religion of his mother.

Initially, Jermaine Jackson was the leading vocalist as well as guitarist of the band “Jackson Brothers” until his brother Michael Jackson began showing his singing and playing various instruments abilities. Nevertheless, for quite a lot of years, he and Michael Jackson remained the basic vocalists of the band.

Thus, “Jackson Brothers” added a lot of financial success to both of the brothers, including the overall amount of Jermaine Jackson net worth.

In 1967, the band was initially called “The Jackson Five” and it was signed to Steeltown Records. In 1969, the band was renamed to “The Jackson 5” and it was signed to Berry Gordy’s label called Motown Records. Being one of the main singers of the band, Jermaine Jackson’s voice can be easily heard in songs, such as “I Want You Back”, “Dancing Machine”, “I’ll Be There” and “The Love You Save”.

In 1975, he quitted his career with the band and decided to become a solo singer. He was signed to the same record label as the band was – the Motown Records. However, the band was soon signed to another label, which was Epic Records. In 1983, Jermaine Jackson got back with the band in order to film a television special for the band called “Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever”.
The performance of the band was quite successful and thus he joined the band again. With the band, he recorded an album called “Victory” and participated in its tour called “Victorious”. Thus, his rejoinment the band also added up to the overall amount of Jermaine Jackson net worth.

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