Jermaine O’Neal net worth

Jermaine O’Neal net worth

Net Worth: $70 Million

About Jermaine O’Neal

Jermaine O’Neal net worth

It has been announced that the overall size of Jermaine O’Neal net worth is as much as 70 million dollars. He has become famous and rich because of his career in professional basketball. He was born in South Carolina in 1978. Currently, he is playing in the NBA, where he is a member of the Golden State Warriors team. This is also regarded as one of the main current sources of Jermaine O’Neal net worth. He is playing in the forward-center position.

When he was studying in high school, Jermaine O’Neal was already a huge basketball star and because of this he was able to participate in the NBA Draft right after he graduated from high school. Thus, in 1996 he participated in the NBA Draft. He was chosen by the Portland Trail Blazers as the team’s 17th overall pick. In 2000 he started to play in the team of the Indiana Pacers. He was traded for the team in exchange to Dale Davis. He played in this team for 8 seasons and during this time a huge part of Jermaine O’Neal net worth was also accumulated.

Six times he got the title of the NBA All-Star. In the season of 2001-2002 Jermaine O’Neal was also awarded with the NBA Most Improved Player award.

Three times he made it to the All-NBA teams. In addition to playing in the mentioned teams, Jermaine O’Neal is also known from various other teams.

Before the season of 2008-2009 Jermaine O’Neal was playing in the team of Toronto Raptors. In the same season he started to play in another team too, which was the Miami Heat. Before the beginning of the season of 2010-2011 Jermaine O’Neal joined the team of the Boston Celtics. In the season of 2012 he played in the Suns, too. In 2013 Jermaine O’Neal was playing for the Warriors. Therefore, playing in all these teams has added up a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Jermaine O’Neal net worth.

In addition to his high net worth, it is also known that his current annual salary reaches as much as 23 million dollars. This also makes him the second highest paid player in the history of NBA. The first place belongs to Kobe Bryant. When he signed a contract with the Celtics, the contract was said to be worth 126 million dollars and is meant to last 7 years.

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