Jerry Brown net worth

Jerry Brown net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown net worth

It has been announced that the overall size of Jerry Brown net worth reaches as much as 4 million dollars, according to the current calculations. Jerry Brown has earned his net worth because of his career as a politician and lawyer. In 2011, he became the 39th Governor of California and has been holding this position ever since. It became also one of the main current sources of increasing the total amount of Jerry Brown net worth.
He is a member of the Democratic Party. Before he held the mentioned position, he was the 34th governor in the period of 1975-1983. Jerry Brown became the longest-serving governor in California history. Jerry Brown has served in many state, local as well as party positions. In fact, Jerry Brown was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States three times.
His father was also involved in politics as he was the 32nd Governor of California, Edmund G. Brown, Sr. In the period of 1969-1971, Jerry Brown started his political career when he became a member of the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees. Then, in the period of 1971-1975, he became the Secretary of State of California.

These first political positions have started to increase the total size of Jerry Brown net worth, as well.
In 1974, when he was elected to be the governor, he was 36 years old and this made him the youngest California governor in 111 years. In 1978, he was re-elected for this position. In 1982, he ran for the United States Senate, however, unsuccessfully as he was beaten by Republican San Diego Mayor Pete Wilson, who became a governor some time later. After this event, many people believed that this would be the end of Jerry Brown’s political career.
Then, Jerry Brown traveled to other countries. When he came back, he settled in California. In 1989, he became the Chairman of the California Democratic Party, a position which he held for two years. In 1992, he once again decided to run for the United States Senate. However, he changed his mind and instead ran for the Democratic nomination for president in 1992. He finished second. The winner of it became Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas.
Then, he took a six-year break from politics. In 1999, he came back to this sphere when he became the Mayor of Oakland until 2007. Then, in the period of 2007-2011, Jerry Brown was Attorney General of California. These involvements have also added up to the total sum of Jerry Brown net worth.
In 2011, Jerry Brown was chosen to be the 39th governor of California. Two years later, he became the longest-serving governor of California. In 2014, he was re-elected for this position as he got 60 percent of the voting.
He was born in 1938 in San Francisco, California. He was raised with three sisters. In 1955, he became a graduate of St. Ignatius High School. For one year, he was studying at Santa Clara University.

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