Jerry Buss net worth

Jerry Buss net worth

Net Worth: $600 Million

About Jerry Buss

Jerry Buss net worth

Gerald Hatten Buss, better known as Gerry Buss, was an American chemist, real estate investor and businessman. Jerry is best known as the majority owner of the professional basketball team, which belongs to the National Basketball Association, Los Angeles Lakers. Holding 10 championship titles, Lakers is widely considered to be one of the strongest teams on NBA. In the 1980s Buss also owned a professional hockey team Los Angeles Kings. His health problems became known for the wider public in the late 2012, when Jerry did not appear in a few official events. Soon after, his family announced that Buss is losing the fight against cancer. He died in February 2013, after his 80th birthday. By the time of his death Jerry Buss net worth was estimated at $600 million, making him one of the wealthiest men in the United States.

Gerald was born in Salt Lake City, during the Great Depression. His parents divorced when Jerry was still a toddler and the boy was raised by his mother Jessie and her second husband. Since his childhood Buss was particularly good at natural sciences. He earned a scholarship to attend University of Wyoming without a greater effort and went on to study chemistry in University of Southern California.

Gerald earned a Ph. D in physical Chemistry by the time he turned 24. Soon after graduation Jerry was offered to start teaching at his Alma matter, chemistry department. The young scientist found this job both pleasant and fulfilling, but it was not financially profitable and did not add much to Jerry Buss net worth. In order to earn some extra cash Gerald made his first real estate investment in Los Angeles apartment building. Initially Jerry saw this as a side job, but after the first profits started flowing in, he quit teaching and devoted himself to business.

By the time he turned 40, Jerry Buss net worth was already counted in millions. In 1972 he divorced his wife JoAnn Mueller, with which he raised four children, and started enjoying his life full-scale. During the following years Gerald was seen with tens of significantly younger girlfriends and became known as a real playboy. For a considerable time he dated a model Karen Demel. This love affair resulted in two more children.

In the late 1970s Buss made three great purchases: he bought a luxurious ranch, which formerly belonged to Jack Kent Cooke, Los Angeles Kings and Lakers. As described by David Stern, long-time NBA commissioner, Jerry was a visionary owner and made a great influence on the conducts of NBA. After his death Jerry Buss net worth was inherited by his six children, all of which have worked at the Lakers organization.

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jerry buss net worth jerry buss net worth jerry buss net worth

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