Jerry Mathers net worth

Jerry Mathers net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Jerry Mathers

Jerry Mathers net worth

Jerry Mathers is a well known actor, who has appeared in films, TV productions and stage productions. It is also known that these appearances on him also increased the total sum of Jerry Mathers net worth which has been stated to currently reach 3 million dollars. Probably he is mostly known from the show called “Leave it to the Beaver”, where he appeared in the period of 1957-1963. In this show, he was appearing as the leading character of Theodore Cleaver. Theodore Cleaver was the youngest son of the portrayed family. The show also increased the overall amount of Jerry Mathers net worth by a mile.

Jerry Mathers was born in 1948 in Iowa. Jerry Mathers started acting when he was just a kid, and so did his siblings. When he was 2 years old, Jerry Mathers got involved into show business when he appeared in an advertisement for a department store. Soon after that, he was chosen to appear in a TV commercial for PET Milk. His first roles which he got in movies were in “Men of the Fighting Lady”, “The Trouble with Harry”, “This Is My Love” and “The Seven Little Foys”.

Jerry Mathers got the role of Theodore Cleaver in the show “Leave it to the Beaver” when he announced to the producers of the show that instead of appearing in the auditions for the part he would rather be at his Cub Scout meeting.

Thus, he was casted for a role and he has appeared as Theodore Cleaver for six years. All in all, Jerry Mathers starred in 234 episodes of the show “Leave it to the Beaver”. Jerry Mathers also was the first child actor ever who got a percentage deal of the merchandise that was produced out of the show. Thus, it is no surprise that the show also increased the overall size of Jerry Mathers net worth.

Up to this day, this show is known to have merchandise to be sold, and this is quite interesting knowing the fact that the show ended after almost 50 years already. The show at its time was broadcasted in more than 80 countries all around the world. It was translated in 40 languages, as well. Jerry Mathers has stated that the show’s phenomenon is one of the biggest in the world. Thus, the show, being as one of the most popular ones, also made Jerry Mathers a well known actor while he was since a kid, and it added up to the overall size of Jerry Mathers net worth, as well.

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