Jerry Rice net worth

Jerry Rice net worth

Net Worth: $55 Million

About Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice net worth

Jerry Rice is a well known name in NFL. It has been announced that the current amount of Jerry Rice net worth reaches 55 million dollars, which makes him one of the most financially successful sportsmen in NFL. In the NFL, Jerry Rice has spent 20 seasons. Currently, he is known to be retired from this sport. When he was playing in the league, Jerry Rice was a wide receiver and as such, he is considered to be the most successful wide receiver in the whole NFL history. This position also has been the one, which has added most of the revenues to Jerry Rice net worth. Jerry Rice is also known as a player of a lot of Pro Bowls. He was playing in them for 13 times.

Jerry Rice was born in 1962 in Mississippi. Jerry Rice also stated that his hands got so strong because when he was a child he used to help his father in a brick mason. Jerry Rice would throw bricks to two stores, which led to his arm being developed much faster than those of his classmates. Because he was so fast, Jerry Rice was one of the best players of high school football.

Moreover, he liked this sport so much that he decided to get involved into football and make it his future career.

Eventually, football became the main source of Jerry Rice net worth. In the book about him called “Rise”, Jerry Rice stated that at one point in his high school he was almost expelled from his school by its principal, however, when he realized how fast he could be, he gave Jerry Rice two options – either to leave school, or to join its football team. Jerry Rice decided to stay with the latter option.

Between the years 1981-1984, Jerry Rice was attending Mississippi Valley State University. Soon, he got his nickname “World”. This nickname was given to him because it was claimed that there was no ball in the world, which could not be caught by Jerry Rice.

Thus, his career in college proved to be a huge success and it was obvious that he would achieve a lot in the NFL, which also served as the main source of Jerry Rice net worth. As a professional football player, Jerry Rice has been playing in quite a few teams, such as San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks.

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