Jerry Springer net worth

Jerry Springer net worth

Net Worth: $75 Million

About Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer net worth

Gerald Norman Springer, better known as Jerry Springer, is a former American politician and television presenter. He gained nationwide recognition hosting a late night talk-show The Jerry Springer Show. This program, directed by Adam Simons-Sorota, debuted in 1991 and was aired on NBC ever since. During his lengthy career on television Springer has also appeared on a number of movies and TV series, including Ringmaster, Roseanne and Married… With Children. Jerry’s political career reached its highest point in the late 1970s, when he was inaugurated as a major of Cincinnati. Springer is a Democrat and since his retirement from professional politics he has supported this party on various occasions. As for 2013, Jerry Springer net worth is estimated at $75 million.

Gerald was born in London, in a Highgate tube station which served as a shelter from German bombs during WWII. Both of his parents were Jewish refugees, who emigrated from Germany following the consolidation of Nazi regime. Margot and Richard, those were their names, were not able to take their parents with them. They died in concentration camps in Chelmno and Theresienstadt.

In the late 1940s Jerry, Richard and Margot stepped on the shores of the United States and settled in Queens. Years later, when Jerry Springer net worth was already counted in millions, he revealed that one of his first memories from America is sitting on the floor on their modest four-room apartment, watching John F. Kennedy’s speech at 1956 Democratic convention. Perhaps that was the moment when Buss decided that his future lies with politics. After graduation from Forest Hills High School, Jerry enrolled at Tulane University. In mid 1960s he earned a B.A. in political science and went on to pursue J.D. degree in Northwestern University.

Gerald first ran for Congress in 1970. Although he lost for the incumbent Donald D. Clancy, his 45% vote gains were quite impressive, knowing that the district he ran in was traditionally Republican. Jerry Springer net worth started to grow the following year, when the young Democrat was elected to serve as the mayor of Cincinnati. He was forced to resign from this position in 1974, when the media pressure forced him to admit hiring a prostitute.

Although some political commentators predicted that this scandal will bring Jerry’s political career to an end, it looks like his honesty helped him win back the support of Cincinnati citizens. However, politics is not the major source of Jerry Springer net worth. The greatest part of Jerry’s fortune comes from his work on TV program The Jerry Springer Show. During more than 20 years on air, Jerry has managed to gather a vast and stable fan base, willing to give up some of their night sleep in order to see his show.

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