Jessica Chastain net worth

Jessica Chastain net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain net worth

It has been reported that the total size of Jessica Chastain net worth is 2 million dollars. She has earned a huge part of this net worth through her career into cinema. Before she became a well known actress, she has appeared in some TV shows mainly in guest roles. In 2008, she started to get more attention after her appearance in a movie called “Jolene”, which was also her debut. In 2011, she became even more popular and recognized, when she starred in a popular drama called “The Help”. For her appearance in this movie, she was even nominated for an Academy Award. The movie has also increased the total size of Jessica Chastain net worth by a mile. In addition to the nomination of the Academy Award, she was nominated for some others, as well, such as SAGA, BAFTA and Golden Globe awards.

In 2012, she appeared in a military movie called “Zero Dark Thirty” and for her role in it Jessica Chastain received a lot of positive comments from movie critics. In 2012, Jessica Chastain’s name was included in the list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World, which was compiled by Time Magazine.

In 2013, Jessica Chastain starred in a horror movie called “Mama”, and her appearance in it was also received with much praise.

The actress was born in 1977 in Sacramento, California. Her mother was working as a vegan chef and her stepfather was a fireman. It is also known that she has a very good relationship with her grandmother, who has also appeared with Jessica Chastain in a couple of her awards ceremony. Before she became a well known actress, Jessica Chastain was a student at Sacramento City College. In 1998, Jessica Chastain starred in a play called “Romeo and Juliet”, which was organized by TheatreWorks. Later, she was admitted to the Juilliard School and moved to live to New York City. In 2003, she graduated from this school.

Some time passed and she moved to Los Angeles, where she got an agent, as well. Soon, she began to appear in auditions for various movies and TV shows. Jessica Chastain has also stated that in the beginning she could not get any jobs because casting directors did not know exactly what roles to give to her because of her red hair and not traditional looks. Nevertheless, she managed to establish her name as one of the most popular actresses in the industry, and acting has become the main source of Jessica Chastain net worth, too.

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