Jessica Lange net worth

Jessica Lange net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange net worth

It has been officially announced that the current amount of Jessica Lange net worth reaches 15 million dollars. Jessica Lange is a well known actress. She has appeared on stage, films and TV productions. Her career into acting industry has been awarded, as well. Jessica Lange is known as a recipient of a couple prestigious awards, such as three Emmy awards, five Golden Globe awards and two Oscar awards. Today, Jessica Lange is regarded as one of the biggest stars in cinema industry. Thus, acting has not only made her richer, but also made her an icon in this industry. It can also be seen when taking a look at the numbers of Jessica Lange net worth.

Jessica Lange was noticed when she was signed to Wilhelmina modeling agency. In 1976, Jessica Lange debuted as a movie star with her appearance in “King Kong”. In 1982, Jessica Lange made history when she earned two Oscar nominations in one year, which has been done forty years ago. In the 1980s, Jessica Lange appeared in a lot of movies, such as “Sweet Dreams”, “Country” and “Music Box”. These films have also added up recognition to her, and also increased the total size of Jessica Lange net worth.

In 1994, she appeared as a depressive housewife in a movie called “Blue Sky”. In 2009, she got her first Emmy award for her appearance in the production called “Grey Gardens”. In addition, for her appearance in “American Horror Story”, Jessica Lange was awarded with her first SAGA award.

In addition to her career into acting, Jessica Lange is also known for her other interests. For example, she is an avid photographer. She has published two books of her photography, the sales of which have also increased the total estimate of Jessica Lange net worth. She is also known to be collaborating with UNICEF and has been a foster parent. In 2014, Jessica Lange also debuted in fashion industry, when she was chosen by Marc Jacobs to be a model for his line called “Marc Jacobs Beauty”.

Jessica Lange was born in 1949 in Minnesota. Jessica Lange has origins in the Netherlands, Germany and Finland. Because of the free lifestyle of her father, Jessica Lange’s first years were quite chaotic. The family also moved a lot when she was growing up. She was a student at the University of Minnesota, before she started her career as a photographer, as it was there where she met her later to become husband, Paco Grande, who is also a photographer.

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