Jessica Simpson net worth

Jessica Simpson net worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

About Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson net worth

Jessica Simpson is an American singer, actress and fashion designer. She became famous in 1999 with her single I Wanna Love You Forever which made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. Her first album Sweet Kisses soon reached the daylight and was sold in over 4 million copies all over the world. That was the beginning of an impressive career that eventually led Jessica to becoming one of the most popular singers in the United States. Jessica Simpson net worth is currently evaluated at $100 million.

Not long after she made her debut Jessica’s second album Irresistable was recorded. It became even greater success than Sweet Kisses, peaked inside the top ten of the Billboard 200 and received a Gold certification from RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). The Skin, her third album, was released on August 19, 2003. It became the second best selling album in the United States and marked the peak of Jessica’s career as a recording artist. The money from the sales of The Skin made a solid contribution to the current Jessica Simpson net worth. Since then this American singer has released four more albums: A Public Affair (2006), country music album Do You Know (2008) and two Christmas albums.

All of her albums together were sold in 30 million copies worldwide.

The sales of her albums are impressive, but that is not the only source of her income. Jessica Simpson net worth also comes from her jobs as an actress, model and fashion designer. Since she became famous Jessica has appeared in a number of TV shows, movies and commercials. She also designed fragrances, accessories for women and launched a line of beauty products. On her behalf it must be said that Jessica has devoted quite a lot of her time and money for philanthropic activities. For example, she participated in a project Operation Smile and donated a new minivan for an orphanage in Nuevo Laredo.
However, it seems like Jessica’s attempts to become pop culture idol hampered her personal life. In October 2002 Jessica Simpson married her long-time boyfriend Nick Lachey.

Soon after the news about a couple getting married appeared in the media, it was announced that Nick and Jessica are going to star in MTV reality show, named Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. The show became extremely popular and contributed to Simpson’s professional success. Unfortunately, it looks like publicity did not have a positive effect on the personal relationships of couple. After three years of marriage Jessica announced that she and Nick Lachey are getting a divorce due to the “irreconcilable differences” in their personalities. It is said that money does not bring happiness, one can hope that Jessica Simpson net worth of $100 has been at least a little comfort for her trying to recover after divorce.

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Jessica Simpson net worth Jessica Simpson net worth

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