Jim Brown net worth

Jim Brown net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Jim Brown

Jim Brown net worth

It has been stated that the current amount of Jim Brown net worth is 50 million dollars. Jim Brown is originally known as a football player. However, today he is retired from this career and is currently more known as an actor. As a football player he was playing in the NFL, where he joined the team of the Cleveland Browns and where he played in the period of 1957-1965. He played in this team for nine years and he is regarded as one of the most popular running backs for the team. In 2002, Jim Brown got a title of the greatest football player of all time, by the Sporting News.

Jim Brown is also considered to be one of the most successful athletes in sports in the United States. Therefore, there is no doubt that his career in football not only made him a huge star, but it also added up to the total estimate of Jim Brown net worth.

Jim Brown was born in 1936 in Georgia. His father was also involved into sports, but instead of being interested into football, he was a boxer. When he was a schoolboy, Jim Brown was interested not only into playing football, but also baseball, basketball and running track.

Talking about another career which made him a well known person – that being an actor – the first time he appeared on screens was in 1964, when he was chosen for a role of a Buffalo Soldier in “Rio Conchos”. In 1966, he appeared in another movie called “The Dirty Dozen”. In the same year, Jim Brown also stated that he was retiring from his career as a football player, although this sport has added up a lot to the overall size of Jim Brown net worth.

By some people, Jim Brown is regarded as the first black actor who started to act in action movies. In 1968, Jim Brown appeared in an action film called “Ice Station Zebra”. In 1969, Jim Brown was chosen for a role in the movie “100 Rifles” and this movie is regarded as one of the first movies that portrayed an interracial love scene in cinema industry. Other movies from which Jim Brown is also well known include the following ones: “Dark of the Sun”, “The Grasshopper”, “El Condor”, “Slaugther 2: Big Rip Off” and many more, and these appearances also added up to the total size of Jim Brown net worth.

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