Jim Davis net worth

Jim Davis net worth

Net Worth: $800 Million

About Jim Davis

Jim Davis net worth

It has been estimated that the total amount of the current Jim Davis net worth reaches 800 million dollars. Jim Davis has earned a huge part of his net worth because of his career as a cartoonist and as such today he is one of the most well known ones as well as one of the richest ones. Jim Davis is mostly known because of his work “Garfield”. In addition to that, he has also created “U.S. Acres”. Both of these works have made his name well known and also added up a lot to the overall sum of Jim Davis net worth.
Jim Davis to many people is known because of his comic strip called “Garfield”, which he started in 1978. The comic strip became the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip. Other works which also made his name popular include “Mr. Potato Head”, “Tumbleweeds” and “Gnorm Gnat”. All of these works also added up to the overall estimate of Jim Davis net worth. Jim Davis served as a writer or a co-writer of all of the Emmy Award-winning or nominated “Garfield” TV productions. Moreover, he also worked as a producer of the CBS show called “Garfield and Friends” which aired in the period of 1988-1994.

The show also added up a lot to the total amount of Jim Davis net worth.
In addition to working on this show, Jim Davis also has participated in the production of films about Garfield. One of his most recent productions related to this work is called “The Garfield Show”. The show is still going on and it is considered as one of the main current sources of increasing the total size of Jim Davis net worth.
The cartoonist was born in 1945 in Marion, Indiana. He was raised in a small farm in Fairmount, Indiana. The family were owners of 25 cats. Jim Davis has one brother. Before he became such a well known cartoonist, Jim Davis was studying at Ball State University, where he attended business and art classes. Jim Davis has been married two times. He has three kids – one from his previous marriage and two from his current marriage to Jill. Jim Davis currently is residing in Albany, Indiana. In 1981, there he founded his own production company called Paws, Inc., under which he produces most of his Garfield works, which made him so popular today in the whole world.

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jim davis net worth jim davis net worth

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