Jim Koch net worth

Jim Koch net worth

Net Worth: $1 Billion

About Jim Koch

Jim Koch net worth

Jim Koch is a well known businessman, who has earned his net worth because of his successful involvement into owning Boston Beer Company. It has been estimated that the overall amount of Jim Koch net worth is as high as 1 billion dollars today, which also makes him one of the billionaires in the world today. Jim Koch to the public is mostly known as one of the owners of the popular beer company Boston Beer Company. It is mostly known for producing craft beer line called Samuel Adams.

Jim Koch is not the only one in his family who has been involved into beer making business. Many relatives of his have also worked in a similar industry. His father was also a brewer whose family was also involved into this business. Thus, there is no surprise that Jim Koch also decided to get involved into this business, which today is also serving as one of the main sources of Jim Koch net worth. His father was so interested into beer making that he even got many recipes of beer making which he kept in the attic of his house when he was a kid.

Jim Koch was born in Ohio. He was studying at Harvard University, where he earned three degrees – BA, JD and MBA.

In 1984, he was one of the founders of the popular beer making company called Boston Beer Company. Over the last couple decades the company has grown into a huge business that is recognized all around the world. When Jim Koch started the company, his first aim was over the upcoming six years to sell beer for 1 million dollars. It was also known that at that time he was paid 60 thousand dollars. He accomplished his aim and even more as during the upcoming six years he managed to sell beer worth more than 21 million dollars. Thus, there is no doubt that Jim Koch net worth also increased by a mile.

One decade passed after the company was started and it managed to sell beer worth more than 128 million dollars each year. In 2013, the news was announced that the revenues of the company reached more than 530 million dollars. Also, it has been claimed that the company reached profits of more than 100 million dollars. Today, the cap market of the company is known to reach as much as 3.13 billion dollars.

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jim koch net worth jim koch net worth

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