Jim Messina net worth

Jim Messina net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Jim Messina

Jim Messina net worth

It has been stated that the overall amount of Jim Messina net worth currently is as high as 4 million dollars, which he has accumulated because of his successful career in music. Jim Messina is a singer, songwriter, record producer and guitarist. Jim Messina was playing with the folk rock band called Buffalo Springfield. Also, he created the band called Poco. Moreover, Jim Messina is a duo member of the project called Loggins and Messina, where he is joined by Kenny Loggins. Thus, all of these bands have increased the overall estimate of Jim Messina net worth by a mile.
The musician was born in 1947 in Maywood, California. Until he was eight years old, Jim Messina was living in Texas. His father was involved in music and played a guitar and he was a big influence on Jim Messina, who also decided to get involved in music, which became the main source of increasing the overall size of Jim Messina net worth. When he was five years old, Jim Messina learnt how to play the guitar. His influences were Ricky Nelson and Elvis Presley.
When Jim Messina was 16 years old, he released his LP with His Jesters, called “The Dragsters”.

Jim Messina played the leading guitar in one song included on it, called “The Jester”. The song was even included on the CD called “Lost Legends of Surf Guitar Volume 1”, which was released in 2003. In 1968, he co-founded another musical project called Poco. He not only played guitar with this group but also was singing and did some songwriting work. He appeared in two studio albums and one live album with Poco. Then, he decided to leave the project because he got exhausted from touring and wanted to focus on his career as a record producer, which also became one of the main sources of increasing the overall sum of Jim Messina net worth.
Thus, Jim Messina signed a contract with Columbia Records and became an independent record producer. At that time, he got in a successful collaboration with Kenny Loggins, with who he recorded quite a few albums, sales of which have also increased the total amount of Jim Messina net worth. Some of these albums include “Full Sail”, “Loggins and Messina”, “Mother Lode”, “So Fine”, “On Stage”, “Finale” and “Native Sons”.
Then, Jim Messina decided to become a solo artist. More than 150 thousand copies of his first LP were sold. In 1981, the musician signed a contract with Warner Bros. Records. The label released his second album called “Messina”. In the album, he recorded one duet with Pauline Wilson called “Stay the Night”. In 1986, the musician released his third album called “One More Mile”. Talking about his more recent career as a solo artist, Jim Messina released an album called “Under a Mojito Moon-Part 1” in 2009. The sound of this album was quite different as he played only his flamenco guitar on it. In 2012, he released his next album called “Jim Messina LIVE at the Clark Center for the Performing Arts”, which was accompanied by a DVD.

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