Jim Rogers net worth

Jim Rogers net worth

Net Worth: $300 Million

About Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers net worth

James Beeland Rogers, better known as Jim Rogers, is an American author and investor, currently living in Singapore. As for today, he is chairing his private company, Rogers Holdings and Beeland interests, Inc. Jim is also known as a co-founder of hedge funds based in Cayman Islands and Curacao, entitled Quantum Group of Funds. In the business community he is praised as a designer of Rogers International Commodity Index. Although Jim avoids associating himself with one particular school of economics, he has publicly admitted that his professional views are closest to the Austrian School. As for 2013, Jim Rogers net worth is estimated at $300 million.
Jim was born in Maryland and raised in Alabama. When the future millionaire was 5, he started selling peanuts in baseball games and collecting empty bottles, left by the fans. Although this “business” did not add much to Jim Rogers net worth, it helped him realize that money does not come easily. After graduating from high school Rogers enrolled at Yale University, were he studied history. Following this he landed a job in Wall Street, in one of the oldest financial services institutions in America, currently known as Dominick & Dominick LLC.

Jim did not settle with one prestigious diploma and instead decided to continue his studies at Oxford University. In mid 1960s he graduated with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.
In 1970 Jim landed a job in Arnhold and S. Bleichroder, a successful investment bank, were he was colleagues with George Soros. For those who have never heard of this man, Soros is a Hungarian-American investor, business magnate and philanthropist, currently chairing Soros Fund Management. Although back than James and George were equals, today Soros’ fortune is incomparably greater than Jim Rogers net worth: his capital and assets are evaluated at $10 billion. The two businessmen co-founded Quantum Fund, which became the lead fund in the early 1990s. In 1992 the company became famous for allegedly forcing the bank of England to devaluate the pound.
Mostly due to the success of Quantum Fund, by the end of 1970s Jim Rogers net worth has reached impressive heights. Not having to worry about finances, Jim decided to temporarily “retire” from business and look around America from the seat of his motorcycle. According to some estimates, during the period 1990-1992 Rogers drove over 150 thousand kilometers in 6 continents. In the early 2000s Rogers was included into the Guinness World Record Book as the only man who have ever managed to visit 116 countries in three years. In order to achieve this, Jim had to overcome a distance of 245 thousand kilometers. Through all this way Rogers was accompanied by his beloved wife.

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jim rogers net worth jim rogers net worth

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