Jim Ross net worth

Jim Ross net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Jim Ross

Jim Ross net worth

It has been reported that the current size of Jim Ross net worth reaches as much as 4 million dollars, which makes him one of the wealthiest celebrities. Jim Ross gained a lot of attention and financial success when he was working as a wrestling commentator and referee, although he is no longer active in this sphere. In addition to his work in wrestling, Jim Ross is also known for his career as a restaurateur, which is another source of Jim Ross net worth.

Jim Ross was born in 1952 in California. When he was studying in high school, Jim Ross was interested into sports. Mainly, he excelled in basketball, baseball and football and got some awards because of his excellent playing. When he was studying in college, Jim Ross started to work as a sports broadcaster. In the middle of the 1970s, Jim Ross started working for the National Wrestling Alliance. Later, this organization turned to be the World Wrestling Championship. This involvement not only made him popular, but also added up to the total size of Jim Ross net worth.

Jim Ross soon got a position at the World Wrestling Federation, where he was hired to be a commentator, announcer and host.

In the period of 2002-2008 Jim Ross was working on the RAW, which also was one of the main sources of Jim Ross net worth. In the period of 2008-2010, Jim Ross was working on the Smackdown. In addition to hosting these shows, Jim Ross also wrestled from time to time.
In 2013, however, Jim Ross decided to retire from his career in sports as he wanted to focus on another career of his – being a businessman. In 2007, his career in wrestling was crowned when his name was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Jim Ross up to this day is known as a voice of the WWE by many people.

Talking more about the activity in which Jim Ross got involved after his retirement from wrestling, Jim Ross has written a couple of cookbooks and also released a couple of lines of barbecue sauces. Therefore, this career has also added up revenues to the overall amount of Jim Ross net worth. Jim Ross also appeared in a movie called “Man on the Moon”, where he portrayed a role of a wrestling announcer. Jim Ross is currently married to Jan, and he has two kids from his previous relationship.

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