Jimmy Buffett net worth

Jimmy Buffett net worth

Net Worth: $400 Million

About Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett net worth

James William Buffett, better known as Jimmy Buffett, is a prominent American singer, songwriter, author, businessman and actor. What made him famous is not only his music, but also a variety of funny events Jimmy has experienced during his life and the humorous stories he turned them into. As a singer Buffet gained prominence performing with Coral Reef Band, with which he recorded such megahits as “Margaritaville”, often named among the greatest songs of the 20th century. During his career, which now spans over five decades, Jimmy has developed a stable base of devoted and a bit crazy fans, who call themselves “Parrotheads”. Besides singing Buffett writes books that often tops the best-seller lists and owns two restaurant chains: “Margaritaville” and “Cheeseburger in Paradise”. As for 2013, Jimmy Buffett net worth is estimated at $400 million, making him one of the wealthiest musicians in the world.
When asked which city he regards as his hometown, Buffet points out Fairhope in Alabama, place where he spent his late childhood and teenage years. Following graduation from high school, the future millionaire enrolled at Auburn University, where he started developing his guitar skills.

After the freshman year in Auburn Jimmy transferred to Pearl River Community College. He went on to continue his studies at the University of Southern Mississippi, where he finally earned a degree in history. After getting a college diploma Buffett landed a job at Billboard magazine. However, it was not hard to realize that this job is not going to boost Jimmy Buffet net worth to the impressive heights, nor it is going to provide him with space for the kind of self realization he aspires. Following this realization James quit his job at the magazine and moved to Nashville to pursue a professional career as country artist.
His debut album, entitled Down to Earth, was released in 1970 and failed to attract wide attention. During ne next six years Buffet has released five more CD’s (High Cumberland Jubilee, A White Sport Coat and Pink Crustacean, Living and Dying in ¾ Time, A1A and Havana Daydream), but none of them was particularly commercially successful. Jimmy Buffet net worth shot to the starts in 1977, as he released his breakthrough album Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes. Due to the popularity of the single “Margaritaville”, which fueled the sales of the whole CD, it peaked at No. 12 on Billboard and went on to receive Platinum certification from the Recording Industries Association of America. To this day Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes remains Buffet’s bestselling album. In addition to this masterpiece, Buffet has released 26 studio albums, 9 compilation albums, 12 live albums and nearly 70 singles. Each of these records contributed to Jimmy Buffett net worth growth.

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jimmy buffett net worth jimmy buffett net worth

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