Jimmy Page net worth

Jimmy Page net worth

Net Worth: $125 Million

About Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page net worth

It has been announced that the total amount of Jimmy Page net worth reaches an estimate of 125 million dollars. He has accumulated his net worth through being a musician, composer, song writer, guitarist as well as record producer. Initially, Jimmy Page worked as a guitarist at studio sessions in London. In 1966, he became a member of the band called “The Yardbirds”, where he stayed for 2 years. Finally, he established a British rock band called “Led Zeppelin”, which gained international success and increased Jimmy Page net worth a lot.

Jimmy Page is viewed as one of the most influential people in the rock music industry by many critics and fans. Jimmy Page’s name has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame two times. The first time it was inducted as a part of the band “The Yardbirds” and the second time as a member of “Led Zeppelin”.
Jimmy Page was born in the United Kingdom to his mother who worked as a doctor’s secretary and his father who was a personnel manager. When the family moved to another house, there the previous residents had left the guitar, which Jimmy Page started to play.

Although he had a few lessons of guitar, he mainly was self-taught.

As a guitarist, Jimmy Page was also influenced by other musicians, such as James Burton and Scotty Moore, who were playing in the records by Elvis Presley. Moreover, when he heard a song by Elvis Presley called “Baby Let’s Play House”, Jimmy Page was determined to learn to play guitar, which also added up to the overall amount of Jimmy Page net worth.

Initially, when founding a band, Jimmy Page had a lot of troubles because it was hard to find people who would be able to play with the band on a regular basis. Finally, “Led Zeppelin” was formed and it became one of the main sources of Jimmy Page net worth. It has been stated that more than 300 million copies of the band’s albums have been sold on an international level. Moreover, taking into account their album sales, “Led Zeppelin” is regarded to be as the second best selling band in the United States. All of the band’s album reached high position in Billboard charts, usually placing in the Top 10. Six of the albums landed in the 1st place of the Billboard charts. Thus, the band reached a lot of success in the United States and also elsewhere in the world.

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