Jimmy Wales net worth

Jimmy Wales net worth

Net Worth: $1 Million

About Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales net worth

Jimmy Donald Wales is a successful Internet entrepreneur who earned a world-wide recognition as the main founder of the biggest free online encyclopedia- Wikipedia. Jimmy launched his first internet business in 1996. The male-oriented website Bomis provided adult content and entertaining stories. This website helped to finance his next project, Nupedia, a predecessor of Wiki. The web portal Wikipedia started running in 2001. Three years later Wales founded Wikia, a company that provides hosting services for the famous encyclopedia and unlike Wikipedia works for profit. Jimmy Wales net worth is currently estimated at $1 million. Although he is not mentioned among the wealthiest internet entrepreneurs, in 2006 the Times ranked Jimmy among “The 100 Most Influential People in the World”.

Wales was born in Alabama, in a simple middle-class family. His father, also named Jimmy, managed a small grocery store while Doris, his mother, ran a one-room private school. That’s where four of her children, including Jimmy, received their education. Judging from his future achievements in school, university and current Jimmy Wales net worth, Doris taught him good.

On the other hand, it might have been his innate talent and intellect that allowed him to succeed in everything he did and eventually boosted Jimmy Wales net worth to one million dollars.

According to Wales himself, as a child he was extremely curious and unlike most other kids preferred reading to physically active games. Since the day he learned how to combine letters into words Jimmy used to spend hours going through numerous tomes of World Book Encyclopedia and Britannica. Years later Wales cited his early education as one of the main factors in developing his creativity and imagination. By contrast, he was very critical about the public schooling system, which in his own words was too bureaucratic and snobby.

Since the 8th grade Jimmy attended a university-preparatory Randolph School. Although education in this facility was expensive and his parents had to cut their own spending in order to afford it, their investments did not go to waste. Wales succeeded in his finals and subsequently enrolled into Auburn University, where he studied finance. He went on to enter a PhD program in University of Alabama, but left for Indiana University with a master’s degree. Jimmy never actually achieved a PhD, because he never forced himself to sit down and write a dissertation.

By the time he met his first wife, Jimmy Wales net worth was not much above zero. The two met while working in a grocery store in their home town and married when Jim was 20 years old. The happiness of this young family did not last long and in spring of 1997 Jimmy was dancing in his second wedding, this time with Christine Rohan, Mitsubishi’s steel trader. Wales married his third wife Kate Garvey in 2012.

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