Jj Abrams net worth

Jj Abrams net worth

Net Worth: $95 Million

About Jj Abrams

Jj Abrams net worth

JJ Abrams is one of the richest and most successful producers of all time. It has been known that JJ Abrams net worth reaches 95 million dollars. In addition to producing cinema and TV projects, JJ Abrams is also involved into other branches of cinema.

He is known as a director, screenwriter, composer and also an actor, which also add a lot of revenues to the total amount of JJ Abrams net worth. JJ Abrams is mostly known as a producer of many successful TV series. He has produced the ones, such as “Lost”, “Alias”, “Felicity” and “Fringe”. These TV series are known worldwide and have added a lot of financial success to the overall amount of JJ Abrams net worth. In addition, JJ Abrams was a director of a legendary reboot called “Star Trek”, which was made for the big screen.

JJ Abrams was born in 1966 in New York and his birth name is Jeffrey Jacob Abrams. In the beginning of his career, JJ Abrams was only a TV producer and screenwriter, however, he managed to establish himself as a successful blockbuster creator later. JJ Abrams one of the most successful TV series is considered to be “Felicity”, which was drama series and were broadcasted between the years 1998-2002.

Later, he created a spy drama TV series called “Alias”, which were aired between the years 2001-2006, and mysterious thriller series called “Lost”, which were broadcasted between the years 2004-2010. The latter series gained a lot of recognition worldwide and added a lot of financial success to JJ Abrams net worth, as well. Also, JJ Abrams is credited as being one of the creators of TV series such as “The Office”, which also gained international recognition, and “Family Guy”.

Talking about him as a film producer, he is mostly credited for bringing into the big screen two films – “Star Trek” and its sequel “Star Trek into Darkness”. The former movie was released in 2009, whereas the latter one was released in 2013. Moreover, JJ Abrams directed movies, such as “Mission: Impossible III”, “Super 8” as well as “Star Wars: Episode VII”, which is set to be released in 2015. Thus, with the release of it, it is predicted that JJ Abrams net worth will increase even more. In addition, JJ Abrams co-worked into making other well known movies, such as “Armageddon”, “Gone Fishin’”, “Cloverfield” and “Morning Glory”.

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jj abrams net worth jj abrams net worth

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