Joan Lunden net worth

Joan Lunden net worth

Net Worth: $25 Million

About Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden net worth

It has been stated that the overall amount of Joan Lunden net worth today reaches as much as 25 million dollars. Joan Lunden has earned her net worth through her many appearances on TV and also because of her successful career as a writer. Joan Lunden has hosted various TV shows and also appeared as a journalist. Thus, it can be safely said that her career on TV has brought a lot of attention to her and also increased the total size of Joan Lunden net worth.

The journalist was born in Fair Oaks in California, in 1950. Before she started her career in writing and broadcasting, Joan Lunden was studying at Sacramento State University. It was also in Sacramento where she started her career as a broadcaster and it was in KCRA-TV. In 1975, however, she moved to New York City. It was because she got a better position on the WABC-TV, where she was hired to work as a respondent on “Eyewitness News”. One year later, she was promoted to be an anchor of weekend news show.

In 1976, Joan Lunden started to work in “Good Morning America”. Her initial position there was working as a consumer reporter, however, soon her position was changed into being a substitute c-host.

Thus, this show has also made her name more popular and it also added up revenues to the overall sum of Joan Lunden net worth. Because of the fact that she did a wonderful job as a substitute host she was soon hired to be a regular host. For the next twenty years, she worked on this show, where her co-host was Charles Gibson.

In 1997 however she stopped working on this show, although it has brought not only attention to her, but also made her richer, as it can be seen when taking a look at the numbers of Joan Lunden net worth. It is also known that when Joan Lunden left “Good Morning America”, more than a million viewers of the show stopped watching it, which only proves that the show was popular because of her.

Fortunately, Joan Lunden can still be seen on TV, where she is known as a host of various TV shows, such as “America’s Invisible Children”, “Biography” and “Behind Closed Doors”. These shows gather a lot of viewers and because of it she still maintains her popularity, which also helps to increase her financial status.

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