Joan Rivers net worth

Joan Rivers net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers net worth

Joan Rivers, real name Joan Alexandra Molinsky, is a famous television personality, actress, comedian, film producer and writer. Joan’s signature qualities are her loud voice with a significant New York accent, brash talking manner and her ability to laugh at herself. Joan Rivers net worth is currently estimated at $50 million.

Joan was born nearly 80 years ago in New York, in a family of Russian Jewish decent. In her youth she has studied arts and anthropology in Connecticut College. After graduation Joan tried different jobs including guiding tours at Rockefeller Centre, consulting customers at Bond Clothing stores and writing for the advertising agency. Of course, none of them where really well-paid and did not add much to the current Joan Rivers net worth.

Joan’s career in entertainment business started in the late 50s. She has first appeared on the stage with a short play entitled Driftwood, in which Joan enacted a lesbian in love with a character played by Barbara Streisand. During the 60s Rivers has performed as a standup comedian in various clubs. She first appeared on TV with a program The Tonight Show.

Later, when John Carlson was hired as the host of this program, Joan became the regular guest at the Tonight Show. She also appeared on numerous other talk shows and series, including The Ed Sullivan Show, The Carol Burnet Show and The Adventures of Letterman. During the 70s Joan has also tried her hand in writing screenplays and directing the movies. Among her works could be mentioned The Girl Most Likely to… and Rabbit Test. By the 80s Joan Rivers net worth was already inspiring jealousy by some of her colleagues.

The salary for the various TV appearances was not the only source of Joan Rivers net worth. In early 80s Joan released a comedy album What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most? The album became a hit at the Billboard 200 and was a great financial success. The same year Joan released a book entitled The Life and Hard Times of Heidi Abramowitz. The book was just as successful as her earlier work and was evaluated positively by both critics and the audience.
In her personal life Joan was less successful. She first got married at the age 22 to James Sanger.

However, the marriage lasted for less than two months. During this period Rivers has found out that her new husband does not share her dream of having children and filed for divorce. Joan celebrated her second marriage in 1965; three years later her only daughter was born. Joan’s second marriage was ended unexpectedly as her husband Edgar Rosenberg (film and television producer) committed suicide in 1987. After this tragedy Joan has drowned into a deep depression. It looks like Joan Rivers net worth did not bring her happiness in her personal life.

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Joan Rivers net worth

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