Jodie Foster net worth

Jodie Foster net worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

About Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster net worth

Jodie Foster is one of the best known names in the cinema industry. It has been reported that she is also one of the wealthiest because today Jodie Foster net worth reaches an amount of 100 million dollars. Moreover, not acting only adds revenues to her net worth. She is also known as a producer and director, which are two sources of Jodie Foster net worth, which also are very important in accumulating it.

Jodie Foster got involved into acting career when she was only three years old. When she was 13 years old, Jodie Foster got her first Oscar nomination. Also, today she is known as an Academy Award winning actress. Jodie Foster won two Oscars for her appearances in movies “Silence of the Lambs” and “The Accused”. Other movies, for which she is also known, include “Inside Man”, “Contact” and “Nim’s Island”. These appearances increased the overall estimate of Jodie Foster net worth a lot.
Jodie Foster whose real birth name is Alicia Christian Foster was born in California in 1962. From the beginning of her acting career, Jodie Foster proved to be a very serious and skillful actress for her young age (she starting acting, when she was three years old, as it has been mentioned already).

Her first big role as an adult actress was in a film called “Taxi Driver”, which was released in 1976.

It is also known that in the beginning of her career Jodie Foster was managed by her mother and she took a huge part in her daughter’s acting career. However, becoming more mature, Jodie Foster realized that she was able to manage her career by herself and started choosing projects in which to participate all by herself.
In 1991, Jodie Foster appeared in the movie “Silence of the Lambs”, which became a huge hit. Moreover, in the same year, she was one of the directors of the movie called “Little Man Tate”. Thus, directing also has added revenues to the total amount of Jodie Foster net worth.

Jodie Foster proved to be a full-grown actress with her appearances in films, such as “Panic Room”, “The Brave One”, “Contact” and “The Beaver”. Thus, Jodie Foster became one of not so many Hollywood actresses who have experienced success in all stages of their acting careers. Amongst many awards which she has received during her long acting career, Jodie Foster is known to be a recipient of BAFTA, Golden Globe, Independent Spirit and many other awards.

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jodie foster net worth jodie foster net worth jodie foster net worth

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