Jodie Sweetin net worth

Jodie Sweetin net worth

Net Worth: $400 Thousand

About Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin net worth

Jodie Sweetin is known as one of the actresses who start their careers early in their childhood. Currently, it has been known that Jodie Sweetin net worth reaches 400 thousand dollars. Jodie Sweetin is mostly known from the TV show called “Full House”, where she began appearing when she was only 5 years old. In the TV show, she portrayed a middle sister of Tanner family and acted with such stars as the popular twins Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen.

Before her appearance in this TV show, which added a lot to the overall amount of Jodie Sweetin net worth, she appeared on a hot dog commercial of Oscar Mayer, when she was only four years old. Also, the first sitcom in which she appeared was not actually “Full House”. It was “Valerie”, in which Jodie Sweetin starred in 1987. There, she portrayed a role of Pamela, who was the niece of Mrs. Poole, played by actress Edie McClurg.

In 1987, Jodie Sweetin was selected to portray a role of Stephanie Tanner in the sitcom “Full House” by its director Jeff Franklin. She appeared on the show till its final episode in 1995. Therefore, the show added a lot of financial success to the total amount of Jodie Sweetin net worth.

Also, up to date, her role of Stephanie Tanner is known to be the one for which Jodie Sweetin became the most successful and popular.

When she finished her appearance in the show, she continued studying at the Los Alamitos High School and later was a student at Chapman University in California. Jodie Sweetin came back to TV screens when she was selected to be the host of the TV show called “Pants-Off Dance-Off”, which was broadcasted on the Fuse TV. Also, she appeared on a TV pilot of “Small Bits of Happiness”.

In 2009, Jodie Sweetin appeared in two movies, one of them being “Redefining Love” and another one “Port City”. Also, two years later, she appeared in a couple of episodes of the internet TV series called “Can’t Get Arrested”. Thus, these appearances also increased the overall amount of the current Jodie Sweetin net worth. In 2012, Jodie Sweetin also appeared in a made for television film called “Singled Out”. In 2013, it was stated that she would be the one who would be voicing a character of the mermaid princess of the animation called “Jacob and the Gnome”.

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