Joe Giudice net worth

Joe Giudice net worth

Net Worth: $11 Million

About Joe Giudice

Joe Giudice net worth

Joe Giudice is a well known businessman and entrepreneur. He is also known as one being in bankruptcy right now, which can also be proven by the fact that the current Joe Giudice net worth reaches minus 11 million dollars.

Joe Giudice is also known for his marriage to Teresa Giudice who is known as a TV reality show star of the show called “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, where she was one of the first original cast members of the show. Being married to her, Joe Giudice also has appeared on this show, which turned him into a well known TV personality, as well. Joe Giudice met Teresa Giudice when the two were still studying in high school. Today, they are living a family life and have four daughters.

Joe Giudice is also known as entrepreneur. As such, he is known as an owner of a couple of companies in New Jersey, which also have served as the main sources of Joe Giudice net worth. At one point, Joe Giudice was in charge of a construction company, pizza parlor as well as Laundromat.

However, Joe Giudice did not estimate that he was living better than he could actually afford, which resulted into the family going in debts.

Finally, the duo had to file for bankruptcy. In the file, Joe Giudice stated that he was in debt for 11 million dollars.

In addition to that, Joe Giudice also became a quite notorious person for having confrontations with law. He has been charged for getting his driver’s license in a fraudulent way and also for driving under the influence. When his driver’s license was taken away from him, Joe Giudice got his driver’s license through using identification papers of his brother. Therefore, in addition for filing for bankruptcy, Joe Giudice is also known for having legal troubles.

Other frauds, which he has committed, include bank fraud, mail fraud, loan application frauds and many more. It was done in collaboration with his wife and the two are facing a probability to stay in jail for 50 years. In addition to that, it is known that Joe Giudice is not a citizen of the United States. He is Italian and it is possible that he is going to be sent back to Italy for his illegal actions. Therefore, in addition to getting notoriety for a minus size of Joe Giudice net worth, he is also known for other illegal activities.

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