Joel Mchale net worth

Joel Mchale net worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

About Joel Mchale

Joel Mchale net worth

Joel McHale is a well known star in the comedy industry. It has been reported that the current estimate of Joel McHale net worth reaches as much as 6 million dollars. Joel McHale is probably mostly known from various TV shows, but he is also known as a comedian, actor, television producer and director and all these careers have added a lot to the overall amount of Joel McHale net worth.

He is a huge star on the NBC channel, where he has appeared in a TV show called “Community”. In this show, Joel McHale has appeared as Jeff Winger. Also, Joel McHale is known as a show host, with hosting “The Soup”. Joel McHale is also known as a voice actor. He has voiced a character of Elliot in a popular animated movie called “Open Season 2”. In addition, he has also appeared in many other productions, such as “CSI: Miami”, “Spider Man 2” and “Spy Kids: All the Time in the World” and all these appearances also have added a lot to the total estimate of Joel McHale net worth.
Joel McHale was born in 1971 in Rome. However, he grew up in Washington, the United States. In 1995, Joel McHale graduated from the University of Washington, where he was studying History.

When he was studying there, Joel McHale also excelled in sports. He was a member of rowing team and later became a player on his school’s football team.

While living in Seattle, Joel McHale also appeared in a TV show broadcasted locally, called “Almost Live”. This was one of the first TV appearances on him. In 1993, Joel McHale also joined an improvisation group called “Unexpected Productions”, with which he performed till 1997. When he got his acting degree, Joel McHale decided to move to Los Angeles and soon got parts in productions called “Will and Grace”, “CSI: Miami” and “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. These appearances also played an important role into accumulating Joel McHale net worth.

Talking about his appearance in the hit movie called “Spider Man 2”, there, he played a minor role of a bank manager. In 2004, Joel McHale signed a contract with E television network and became the host of the TV show called “The Soup”, which is broadcasted weekly and it portrays Joel McHale as commenting on various events that happened in television during that week, giving it a little bit of satirical characteristics.

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