Joey De Leon net worth

Joey De Leon net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Joey De Leon

Joey De Leon net worth

It has been announced that the total sum of the current Joey De Leon net worth reaches as high as 20 million dollars. Joey De Leon has accumulated his wealth because of his career as an actor, comedian and TV presenter. He is mostly known as the host of the noontime show called “Eat Bulaga!”.
As a comedian, he has become recognized because of his performances with the trio called Tito, Vic and Joey. The trio has appeared in quite a few films and TV shows, all of which not only made him more known, but also added up to the total size of Joey De Leon net worth. Joey De Leon has accumulated some part of his net worth also through his career as a songwriter. He has written such songs as “Iskul Bukol”, “Boyfriend kong Baduy”, “Ipagpatawad Mo” and “Awitin Mo, Isasayaw Ko”.
Joey De Leon was born in 1946 and his real birth name is José María Ramos de León, Jr. He is Spanish Filipino. Joey De Leon’s grandfather was serving as the first mayor of Malolos, Bulacan, thus, his family was quite well known. When he was three years old, Joey De Leon’s parents separated. Before he focused on his career in show business, Joey De Leon was studying at the National University in Manila, where he got his architecture degree.

Then, he was working as a DJ in some radio stations in order to make ends meet. Joey De Leon has been married two times and from these marriages, he is a father of five kids. He is also a grandfather of five kids.
In the 1960s, Joey De Leon got involved in show business and since that time, the total amount of Joey De Leon net worth began to increase. At that time, Joey De Leon was mainly working as an announcer and radio DJ. He appeared on TV for the first time in the show called “OK Lang”. In 1975, he was hired to be a co-host of the show called “Discorama”, which aired on the GMA Network. He asked Tito and Vic to join him in this show, with who he before appeared on “Ok Lang”. The trio became quite a success and was invited to appear in more and more shows, such as “Student Canteen”.
They became known in the whole country when they started to appear on “Iskul Bukol”. In 1979, Tito, Vic and Joey became the main hosts of the show called “Eat Bulaga!”. The show’s competitor was “Student Canteen” as the format of these two shows was quite similar but the ratings of “Eat Bulaga!” soon surpassed those of “Student Canteen”.
Joey De Leon also started to appear as a solo artist, in addition to his work with the trio. His solo work, thus, has also added up to the total estimate of Joey De Leon net worth. Joey De Leon has appeared in a lot of films, such as “Palpak Connections”, “Mang Kepweng”, “Rock, Baby! Rock!”, “Bilibid Gays” and “Mr. One-Two-Three”.

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