Joey Ramone net worth

Joey Ramone net worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

About Joey Ramone

Joey Ramone net worth

It has been calculated that the overall amount of Joey Ramone net worth reaches as high as 6 million dollars, according to the recent estimations. Joey Ramone was a well known musician, who was born in 1951 and passed away in 2001. His real birth name is Jeffrey Ross Hyman. Joey Ramone earned most of his net worth because of his career as a singer and songwriter. He was the leading member of the well known band called “Ramones”, which played punk rock music. The band became a huge source of Joey Ramone net worth and fame. Because of his appearances and work with the group, Joey Ramone became a countercultural icon.
When he was little, Joey Ramone was living with his family in Forest Hills, Queens, New York. There he was a student at Forest Hills High School. When he was 18 years old, Joey Ramone was diagnosed with obsessive–compulsive disorder. When he was growing up, Joey Ramone liked listening to records by the Beatles, David Bowie, the Who and the Stooges. His idol was a member of the Who, Pete Townshend. When he was 13 years old, Joey Ramone began to play drums.
Before he became a member of the well known band “Ramones”, Joey Ramone was playing in another group called “Sniper”.

He joined this band in 1972 and he played glam punk music there. When he was a member of this group he was appearing under a stage name of Jeff Starship. Mickey Leigh has stated the following: “I was shocked when the band came out. Joey was the lead singer and I couldn’t believe how good he was. Because he’d been sitting in my house with my acoustic guitar, writing these songs like ‘I Don’t Care’, fucking up my guitar, and suddenly he’s this guy on stage who you can’t take your eyes off of.” He stopped appearing with “Sniper” in 1974. He was replaced by Alan Turner.
In 1974 he created another band, which today is best known as “Ramones”. Initially in this group, Joey Ramone was appearing as a drummer. At that time, the leading signer was Dee Dee Ramone. However, after some tome, Joey Ramone became the leading singer. Thus, the band has also added up to the total estimate of Joey Ramone net worth. The band became one of the most well known bands from the United States and it was a part of the punk rock movement in the country.
Although in the beginning of their careers, the band members did not receive much commercial success, today they are regarded as one of the most powerful bands from the United States. The band has appeared in various lists, such as the Rolling Stone lists of the 50 Greatest Artists of All Time and 25 Greatest Live Albums of All Time, Mojo’s 100 Greatest Albums as well as VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. In 1996 the band appeared for the last time. However, “Ramones” made Joey Ramone’s name well known and also increased the total size of Joey Ramone net worth a lot.

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