John Candy net worth

John Candy net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About John Candy

John Candy net worth

John Candy is a well known name in cinema and comedy circuit. These spheres have also been the main ones when it comes to increasing the total size of John Candy net worth. John Candy became famous when he joined The Second City in Toronto. Also, he appeared on a TV show made by this group, which was called “Second City”. Moreover, John Candy is also known for his many appearances in comedy movies, such as “Cool Runnings”, “The Great Outdoors”, “Stripes”, “Spaceballs”, “Uncle Buck” and “Splash”. These films have also added up a lot of revenues to the overall estimate of John Candy net worth. Moreover, the actor is also well known from his appearance in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”, where he appeared as Del Griffith and which was made by John Hughes.

The actor was born in 1950 in Ontario, Canada. When he was studying in school, John Candy excelled in sports, mainly in football. Moreover, he also got interested into acting and for some period of time he attended drama lessons. However, he has never finished his degree. Initially in his career as an actor, John Candy starred in some TV shows and series made in Canada and he also got some small roles in films.

In 1976, he appeared in two films called “Find the Lady” and “Tunnel Vision”.

However, his huge success came only when he joined The Second City. At that time he was 27 years old. John Candy was working in the industry with very well known people, such as Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis and Catherine o’Hara, amongst many others. In 1979, he got a part in the production made by Steven Spielberg called “1941”, which was released in 1979. In this movie, he appeared with another Canadian actor named Dan Aykroyd. John Candy has appeared on the same set with many well known people, such as John Hughes and Mel Brooks.

However, in the beginning of the 1990s John Candy’s career was lowered as bit when he could not land any roles and if he did they happened to be in movies which did not receive much success. Soon, he started to get more serious roles than in the previous comedian ones and they proved to be more successful and added up revenues to the overall sum of John Candy net worth. However, in 1994 when he was filming one film, John Candy passed away.

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