John Edwards net worth

John Edwards net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About John Edwards

John Edwards net worth

John Edwards, full name Jonny Reid Edwards, is a prominent American politician, former United States Senator. Edwards replaced Launch Faircloth as Senator from North Carolina in 1998. In 2005 he was succeeded by a member of Republican Party, Richard Mauze Burr. Before 2004 presidential elections, Edwards was widely considered to be a plausible Democratic nominee. However, he lost for the former president George W. Bush. Following this, John started working at the political action committee entitled One America Committee, an advising political institution he has established in the early 2000s .Soon enough he received a job offer from his alma mater, University of North Carolina and became a head of Centre on Poverty, Work and Opportunity. As for 2013, John Edwards net worth is estimated at $30 million.
Edwards was born in South Carolina, in a family of Catharine Juanita and Wallace Reid Edwards. His mother used to run a small roadside antique shop and later work as a mail carrier, while his father was a supervisor at textile mill. After graduation from high school John enrolled at Clemson University, just to transfer to South Caroline State University a year later, where he studied textile technology.

It is unlikely that John Edwards net worth would have reached such an impressive heights, if he had remained in textile industry. However, that did not happen. A young and ambitious man has continued his studies at University of South Carolina, School of Law, where he eventually earned Juris Doctor degree.
John Edwards net worth started to grow in the late 1970s, when he started working with Dearborn & Ewing. Most of his clients were large and profitable corporations, such as Nashville bank. At Dearborn & Ewing Edwards worked together with another future politician, Andrew Lamar Alexander. For those who have not heard much about his political career, Andrew is associated with Republican Party and currently serves as U.S. Senator from Tennessee. Despite his political influence and personal achievements, Alexander’s fortune remains slightly inferior to John Edwards net worth: he currently holds assets and real estate evaluated at some $27 million.
So how come John Edwards net worth reached such enviable heights? Well John was a great and highly valued attorney. For example, in mid 1980s he represented a boy suffering from cerebral paralysis, because his mother’s doctor did not perform a Caesarean delivery surgery in time. Eventually the family that Edwards represented received over $4 million in compensation. Although there is a saying that money can’t buy happiness, however, it helped to make sure that the patient received the best medical care available in the U.S. Following this victory, John was recognized as one of the most talented lawyers in the country and the richest clients started queuing next to his doors.

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john edwards net worth john edwards net worth

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