John Elway net worth

John Elway net worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

About John Elway

John Elway net worth

John Elway, real name John Albert Elway Jr., is a retired professional football player from the United States. For many years he played as a quarterback with Denver Broncos of the NFL. As for today, Elway is serving as the executive vice president for the team’s football operations. He gained prominence with Stanford University team and in the early 1980s was drafted to the National Football League. In 1999 John decided to retire, but football never disappeared from neither his working schedule, nor his mind. As expected, 5 years later he was included into the prestigious Pro Football Hall of Fame. As for 2013, John Elway net worth is estimated at $45 million dollars and his annual salary amount to $3 million.
John, one of the twins, was born in Port Angeles, in a family of Jack and Janet Elway. His father was a great sports fan and a talented athlete. At the time his son was born, Jack worked as a coach at the Port Angeles High School. When the future millionaire was still a toddler, his whole family moved to Aberdeen, where Jack was hired to coach Gray’s Harbor Community College team.

He later served as an assistant coach at Washington State and Montana universities. Although this job did not bring Jack a fortune similar to John Elway net worth, it was emotionally rewarding. Jack’s fascination with football has also encouraged his son to put all his efforts in training. By the time Elway graduated from high school, he was already considered to be the most perspective future football player and nobody doubted that one day John Elway net worth will be counted in millions.
In 1979 he received more than sixty scholarship offers from the universities all over the country. The future millionaire chose Stanford University, were he played both baseball and football. His baseball career took off in 1981, when Elway was drafted by New York Yankees. This deal garnered Elway more than $150 thousand. Years later Gary Hughes, Yankees scout at the time, has praised Elway’s abilities by stating that the only limit for him was the sky itself. According to some professionals, John Elway net worth might be even higher than it is today, had he concentrated on baseball.
What about his personal life? John met his future wife, Janet Buchan, while he was still studying at Stanford University. At the time, she was competing on the university’s swimming team. Together the couple has raised four kids, Jordan, Jack, Jessica and Juliana. The two divorced in 2003, when John Elway net worth already amounted to tens of millions and his name was about to get included into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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john elway net worth john elway net worth

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