John Galliano net worth

John Galliano net worth

Net Worth: $32 Million

About John Galliano

John Galliano net worth

John Galliano is one of the most popular British fashion designers. It has been estimated that the overall sum of John Galliano net worth currently is as high as 32 million dollars, which also makes him one of the wealthiest designers in the world.
In 1995, he was appointed to the position of the head designer of French fashion company Givenchy, where he served as such until 1996. Soon after he left this company, John Galliano joined another one, called Christian Dior, where he was working until 2011. In 1988, he began to work in his own fashion house called John Galliano, where he was the head designer until 2011. Thus, working in all of them has also increased the overall amount of John Galliano net worth.
Currently, John Galliano is serving as the creative director of another fashion house, called Maison Margiela in France. Therefore, this involvement is amongst the main current sources of increasing the total size of John Galliano net worth.
He was born in 1960 in Gibraltar. His father was from Gibraltar, too, whereas his mother was from Spain. He was raised with two sisters. When he was six years old, John Galliano and his family moved to live in England.

When he was little, John Galliano was a shy child and had a lot of troubles to make new friends. John Galliano was educated at St. Anthony’s School and Wilson’s Grammar School. Then, he enrolled to study at Saint Martin’s School of Art, from which he got a degree in fashion designing.
The first clothing collection, which he has created, was called Les Incroyables and was inspired by the French Revolution. This line was praised a lot by fashion critics and began to be sold in Browns, which is a fashion boutique based in London. In 1989, John Galliano had his first fashion show, which was during Paris Fashion Week. In 1991, John Galliano designed the clothing line for Kylie Minogue, which she used in her tour called Let’s Get To It Tour. This collaboration has also added up to the total sum of John Galliano net worth.
In 1995, his work was noticed by Bernard Arnault, who asked him to join Givenchy as its head designer. Later, John Galliano was replaced by Alexander McQueen, another popular fashion designer. In 1996, John Galliano became more known as a designer with Dior. He was given the position, which before belonged to Gianfranco Ferre. In this company, he became even more successful as he was praised for his ready-to-wear collection and Haute Couture clothing.
His involvement in the fashion industry has been awarded and recognized, too. In 1987, 1994, 1995 and 1997, John Galliano got the title of the British Designer of the Year. In 2001, for his services in the fashion industry, he was appointed to be the Commander of the Order of the British Empire. In 2009, he received French Legion of Honour title. Thus, he is quite an accomplished fashion designer, who has received a lot of top awards in this industry.

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