John Kerry net worth

John Kerry net worth

Net Worth: $194 Million

About John Kerry

John Kerry net worth

John Forbes Kerry is an incumbent United States Secretary of State dealing primarily with foreign affairs. He is a former Senator of Massachusetts and former chairmen of Foreign Relations Committee. John ran for presidency in 2004 but lost for George W. Bush, who was reelected for the second term. John Kerry net worth is estimated at $194 million.

Kerry was born in 1943, in a family of Richard and Rosemary Isabel Kerry. His father was a Foreign Service Officer under the aegis of the United States Department of State. His mother Rosemary came from the old and extremely wealthy family of Forbes. This fact goes a long way to explain a current John Kerry net worth. Forbes originated from Boston and earned their fortunes from trading with China and investments in the 19th century. Although John’s parents themselves belonged to the middle class, their rich relatives helped the family and paid for their children’s education in the best schools and universities.

In 1966 John Graduated from the prestigious Yale University with a degree in political science. The same year Kerry joined the Naval Reserve and served there for four month as an officer in charge on the Swift Boat in South Vietnam.

During this short period John earned three honorable combat medals: Purple Hearts, Bronze Star and Silver Star. After a return to America, John joined the ranks of Vietnam Veterans Against the War and became a widely respected spokesman, anti-war activist.

Kerry continued his studies in the Boston College Law School. After he earned his Juris Doctor degree John started working as an Assistant District Attorney. With a strong commitment to his work, Kerry climbed his career steps really fast and soon started serving as Lieutenant Governor of Masachusetts. He was elected United States Senator from Massachusetts in 1985 and remained in this position right until 2013. For a long time Kerry worked in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. After the 9/11 he was a strong supporter of the military invasion of Iraq but disagreed that the subsequent war was necessary.

John assumed the office of the United States Secretary of State in 2013, after Obama was reelected. Although this is an honorable position, John Kerry net worth does not come from his salary in politics. Kerry co-founded a private company back in the days when he served as an Assistant Attorney. He also inherited solid sums from at least four members of Forbes family. In 1995 John married Teresa Heinz, an owner of assets worth approximately $750 million. However, his wife’s fortunes have nothing to do with John Kerry net worth, the prenuptial agreement was signed before their marriage.

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john kerry net worth john kerry net worth

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