John Larroquette net worth

John Larroquette net worth

Net Worth: $28 Million

About John Larroquette

John Larroquette net worth

John Larroquette is a popular actor. He is one of the richest of Hollywood actors, too, as the current size of John Larroquette net worth reaches as high as 28 million dollars and it is expected to increase even more in the future. In the period of 1984-1992, the actor was appearing in the sitcom called “Night Court”, where he played the role of Dan Fielding. For his role in the sitcom, John Larroquette received four Emmy Awards, which at that time was a huge recognition and accomplishment.
John Larroquette then appeared in the series on the Hallmark Channel called “McBride”, where he played the role of Mike McBride. After that, he got his own show called “The John Larroquette Show”, where he appeared as John Hemingway. The actor is also known for his role of Lionel Tribbey in the series called “The West Wing”. John Larroquette got a role of Carl Sack in the TV series called “Boston Legal”. All of these appearances made his name famous and also increased the total sum of John Larroquette net worth.
Currently, the actor is appearing in the series called “The Librarians” on TNT, where he is playing the role of Jenkins/Galahad.

The series are considered as the main current source of increasing the overall amount of John Larroquette net worth, as well.
The actor was born in 1947 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His father served in the US Navy and his mother was working in a children’s clothing store. When he was growing up, John Larroquette was interested in music and played saxophone and clarinet. In his senior year, John Larroquette got interested in acting, which became the main source of his popularity and of increasing the overall estimate of John Larroquette net worth.
Thus, with the aim to become an actor, he moved to Hollywood. When he was working on the production called “Enter Laughing”, he met his later to become wife named Elizabeth Ann Cookson. The couple got married in 1975. With her, he is a parent of three kids. John Larroquette got addicted to alcohol in the 1970s and stopped drinking alcohol in 1982. In addition to his interest in acting, John Larroquette is a collector of rare books, which include authors such as Samuel Beckett, Anthony Burgess, David Foster Wallace and some others.
In 1974, John Larroquette got his first film work, which was appearing as a narrator in the film called “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”. In the 1970s, he got his first regular role on TV, which was in the NBC series called “Black Sheep Squadron”. He became more known when in 1984, he started to appear in “Night Court” as Dan Fielding. He was appearing in the series until it was canceled in 1992. Then, he got his own show called “The John Larroquette Show”. In 1998, he appeared as a guest on a couple of episodes of the series called “The Practice”. Since that time, he has appeared in some films, too, including “Summer Rental”, “Meatballs Part II” and “Blind Date”.

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