John Lennon net worth

John Lennon net worth

Net Worth: $800 Million

About John Lennon

John Lennon net worth

John Winston Ono Lennon, o simply John Lennon, was a legendary English musician, songwriter and singer. He gained worldwide recognition as one of the founders and probably the most significant personality in the cult band the Beatles. Together with his band-mate Paul McCartney, Lennon has written some of the most celebrated songs of the twentieth century. As the group members started drifting apart from each other in the late 1960s, John began an impressive solo career. His collaboration album John Lennon/ Plastic Ono Band was recently ranked 23rd on the Rolling Stone list The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. His following albums, Imagine and Double Fantasy, were none the less successful. John Lennon net worth is currently estimated at $800 million dollars.
John was born in Liverpool, in a family of Alfred and Julia Lennon. The boy was named John after his grandfather and Winston after the former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. His father was a merchant seaman and used to spend much of the year away from his family. When John was still a toddler, Alfred disappeared for six months without giving any notice to his family.

When he finally showed up in the doorway, Alfred told Julia he’s leaving her, but offered to provide for her and his son. Back in the day both his mother’s and John Lennon net worth was little above zero and there’s no doubt that they could have used the additional money. However, by that time Julia was already expecting a baby with another man and refused to take any support.
Soon after this confrontation Lennon and his mother moved in to live with her new partner. Their household was extremely poor and little John had to sleep in the same bed as two adults. The environment the boy was raised in encouraged his aunt, Mary Elizabeth Smith, to contact Liverpool’s Social Service. Eventually she forced Julia to hand the care of John for her and her husband, George Smith. Although George’s fortune never came close to John Lennon net worth, he was a considerably wealthy man and saw no problems in providing for his wife’s nephew. The future millionaire spent most of his youth in the Smith’s house. Despite the fact that Mimi was never particularly enthusiastic about his musical ambitions, John loved his aunt ant the two remained close right until his death.
Lennon’s professional career took off in the 1960s, when he formed what would become one of the most successful bands in the world’s history, The Beatles. The group’s debut album, entitled Please Please Me, was released in 1963. Due to the popularity of the lead single “Please Please Me” and their second hit, “Love Me Do”, the album was commercially successful. Following this breakthrough John Lennon net worth started to grow at the speed of light.

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john lennon net worth john lennon net worth

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