John Madden net worth

John Madden net worth

Net Worth: $200 Million

About John Madden

John Madden net worth

John Madden is one of the most well known names in the sports industry. It has been known that the total amount of the current John Madden net worth reaches 200 million dollars, which also makes him one of the multimillionaires in the sports business. John Madden is mostly known as one of the best sportscasters in the industry, which added a lot of financial success to John Madden net worth.

For almost a decade, John Madden was also working as a professional football coach. Between the years 1979-2009, John Madden was one of the most successful sports telecasters in the history. These two sources – being a football coach and a nationally televised sportscaster – added a lot of success to the overall estimate of John Madden net worth.

Nevertheless, a lot of people cannot still realize how such a huge fortune could have been accumulated through only these two sources. At the peak of his career as a broadcaster of sports, it was stated that John Madden was getting 5 million dollars per year. Apparently, it was quite a huge sum, but it still does not explain how he was able to accumulate such a huge net worth.

Also, John Madden is known as an owner of a gold autobus, which he uses to travel all across the country because he is known to be scared of flying. The reason why he was financially able to get such a bus is known to be his video games called Madden NFL, which was put out by the EA Sports. This game franchise is bringing millions of dollars to John Madden net worth every year.

The first version of the game was released in 1989 and since then it has been growing in both popularity and success in selling because more than 43 million copies of the game have been sold internationally. In 2005, the company of EA Sports signed a deal in order to provide games of NFL during the year of 2012. The deal was stated to be worth 300 million dollars.

However, there were some rumors that the name Madden would be dropped from the title of the game, therefore, John Madden himself signed a deal, which stated that his name and likeness to him will be used in the game for the upcoming 10 years. This contract was stated to be worth 40 million dollars. Therefore, these video games added a lot of revenues to the net worth of the star.

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