John Mayer net worth

John Mayer net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About John Mayer

John Mayer net worth

John Clayton Mayer, professionally known simply as John Mayer, is a popular blues rock and pop musician from the United States, music producer, singer and songwriter. His second album, entitled Heavier Things, was released in 2003 under Columbia Records company. It received positive critical evaluations and was a real commercial success. One of the songs featured in this album, “Your Body is a Wonderland” has garnered John a Grammy for Best Male Vocal Performance. John Mayer net worth is currently estimated at $40 million.

John was born in Connecticut, in a family of English teacher Margaret and school principal Richard. The boy dreamed about becoming a professional guitar player since the day he saw Michael J. Fox performing in a movie Back to the Future. His father rented him the guitar when John was at the age 13. Back in the day Richard could not have guessed that he just gave his son a present that eventually will boost John Mayer net worth to tens of millions. His neighbor gave Mayer a Steve Ray Vaughan record- that was the second most important present that Mayer will ever receive.

Listening to Vaughan, the teenager became fascinated with blues and used to spent hours experimenting with his guitar. John’s concentration on music and the lack of interest he displayed towards the rest of the world made his parents worried about his education and future. In fact, they even took their son to the psychologist to make sure he is fine. As is convincingly proved by John Mayer net worth, there was nothing wrong with the boy’s mental state and practicing guitar was actually the most useful thing he could have done with his time.

While still in high school, John started playing in the local clubs and bars. Not only he performed as a solo artist, Mayer was also a member of Villanova Junction, a band named after the famous Jimmy Hendrix song. John’s talent for songwriting unfolded after a shocking experience- an attack of cardiac dysrhythmia. The teenager wrote his first song on the night he was released out of hospital. After graduation from high school Mayer submitted to his parents will and enrolled into Berklee College of Music. He quitted after the first year, with some encouragement from his friend, Clay Cook. The two soon formed a band entitled LoFi Masters and left for Atlanta to pursue career in music.

John rose to prominence in early 2000, following his appearance on the festival South by Southwest. In late 2002 his singles “Your Body is a Wonderland”, “Bo Such Thing” and “Why Georgia” were released, earning John a nationwide recognition. The following year his album Heavier Things reached the stores. It sold over 300 thousand copies during the week after its release, was certified 2xplatinum by RIAA and added a solid sum to John Mayer net worth.

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