John Mccain net worth

John Mccain net worth

Net Worth: $10.5 Million

About John Mccain

John Mccain net worth

John McCain, full name John Sidney McCain III, is a significant American politician, the senior US senator from Arizona and the Republican nominee for 2008 Presidential Election. Until the early 1980s he served in the United States Navy. McCain’s political career started in 1982, when he was elected to the House of Representatives. Four years later he was elected to the Senate. The citizens were satisfied with his work and re-elected john for 4 times, including the last election in 2010. Following his defeat in 2008 election, McCain adopted even more conservative stance and opposed most of the actions taken by the Obama administration. As for 2013, John McCain net worth is estimated at $10.5 million.
John was born in Coco Solo, in Panama Canal Zone. His father, John S. McCain, was a naval officer, while his mother, Roberta McCain, was a housewife. Due to the specifics of his father’s job the whole family constantly changed places. Until his graduation McCain attended nearly 20 different schools. Although McCain had known about the sacrifices naval service requires to make, he decided to follow the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

McCain set himself a goal to become a United States Navy admiral. After high school, John enrolled at United States Naval Academy. Although the future millionaire was an informal leader of his class and had a high IQ, not all of his grades were good. For example, John hated math and studied it only as much as it was absolutely necessary for him to pass the exam. As is convincingly proved by the current John McCain net worth, the poor math knowledge did not cause him any financial problems.
Following his graduation from the academy John started to attend a flight school. His training was finished by the end of 1960s and subsequently McCain was assigned to squadrons aboard the aircraft carriers. The first decade of his professional career did not significantly increase John McCain net worth. Much worse, it nearly cost him his life. In 1967, while John was flying over the North Vietnam in a bombing mission, A-4E Skyhawk was hit by a missile. He fractured arms and a leg trying to escape from the plane and fell down into the lake. John was pulled out by the local Vietnamese and held as a prisoner of war. For quite a long time he was denied medical treatment and frequently tortured. During this period McCain has lost over 20 kilograms and his hair turned gray. John was held as a prisoner until 1973 and resigned as a captain in the early 1980s to start a career in politics. Where did John McCain net worth actually come from? Most of his fortune actually belongs to Cindy McCain, his wife, who is the inheritor of Hensley & Co enterprise.

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john mccain net worth john mccain net worth

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