John O‘Hurley net worth

John O‘Hurley net worth

Net Worth: $8.5 Million

About John O‘Hurley

John O‘Hurley net worth

John O’Hurley is a well known actor. In addition to this career, he is a voice actor, TV show star and author. All of these involvements have been the main ones when it comes to increasing the overall estimate of John O’Hurley net worth, which has been stated to reach as high as 8.5 million dollars, according to the recent estimations. As a TV show star, he is mostly known for his appearances in “Seinfeld”, where he played the role of J. Peterman. In the period of 2006-2010, John O’Hurley was hosting a TV show called “Family Feud”. Thus, his appearances in both of these TV productions made his name recognized and also increased the overall amount of John O’Hurley net worth.
He was born in 1954 in Kittery, Maine. His father worked as a surgeon and his mother was a housewife. John O’Hurley was studying at Kingswood-Oxford School in West Hartford, Connecticut. In 1976, he became a graduate of Providence College, from which he earned his BA degree in Theatre. In the period of 1995-1998, John O’Hurley was appearing in the TV series, for which he is mostly known today, called “Seinfeld”.

In the show, he played the role of J. Peterman. In 2001, he gave financial support to launch the J. Peterman Company.
In addition to appearing in “Seinfeld”, John O’Hurley was competing on the first season of the popular dancing competition called “Dancing with the Stars”. He ended the competition as a runner-up. After some controversy, he and his partner were announced as the actual winners of the show.
Talking more about his acting work, which has added up a lot of revenues to the overall size of John O’Hurley net worth, in 1995, he appeared as a guest in the sitcom called “A Whole New Ballgame”. In the period of 2000-2014, he served as an announcer of Boomerang, a TV channel which belongs to Cartoon Network. In the period of 2000-2002, John O’Hurley was a host of “To Tell the Truth”. In 2002, he became a host of annual National Dog Show every Thanksgiving since that time. In 2003, the actor was chosen for the role of Roger to portray in the series on UPN called “The Mullets”. One year later, he was a host of the show called “The Great American Celebrity Spelling Bee”. In 2005, he was chosen to guest appear on the show called “Drake & Josh”. In 2006, he got a position of a host of the show called “Family Feud”, where he stayed until 2010 when he was replaced by Steve Harvey. Thus, all of these appearances on TV have also increased the overall sum of John O’Hurley net worth a lot.
John O’Hurley has appeared in some stage plays, too. He played the role of King Arthur in the production called “Spamalot”. John O’Hurley got the part of Billy Flynn to portray in the Broadway production of “Chicago”. He appeared as a guest on numerous other TV shows, including “The Emperor’s New School” and “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

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